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Weird HQ

Korut Zelva

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Hello, I'm trying the demo right now

and something weird occured

I bought a italian HQ (rating 4) and transported it to algeria to help the italian units there. When it landed it's rating was -1 :|


This game is really nice it's a pitty it doesn't fit on my 800&600 laptop screen I might have bought it. =)

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What do you mean it does not fit 800*600? That you have to scroll around?

Most games like this never fit on 1024*68 (which is what I run it in) just scroll around.

Just THAT will keep you from buying it? If so, you'll never buy a game like this again :(

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the -1 curse seem to happened to Rumsted on my lastest sealion.

Yeah I can scroll around but it's annoying that I can't check the units stats and the projected casualties at the same time =P


I'm not that old so I don't need a side menu with buttons THAT large. :D

800*600 is pretty standard screen size especially to low end machines (bound to be attracted by the small system requirement of the game) =P

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