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Thank You Moon

Desert Dave

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As originally posted by Moon:

I'd rather be enjoying New Year celebrations, and since you guys force me to hang around here instead, I'm angry.

Many of us surely expected your intervention. Padlocks are designed for a good and sufficient reason.

Mindless nihilism is hardly a substitute for measured and cogent commentary. Unless of course there is a need to over-throw a terrible Tyrant, or briefly explore the Collective Unconscious... anyway,

appreciate your Xtra effort, and here's hoping you will yet enjoy New Year celebrations. smile.gif

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No problem, "Always Something". Seems to have helped at least, though of course it's possible that all the troublemakers are simply offline sipping champaign, while I'm sitting in front of the computer screen staring at the forums ;)


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Agreed entirely that you had to padlock those alledged forums. Can't for the life of me apologize. First time I've ever been accused of multiple personalities and also the first time I've needed to enlist the aid of Three Headed Dragons, Superman, Alan Ginsberg and Sigmund Freud in my own defence.

The forums were indefensible. I don't know how or why they started and I'm still not sure if the initiator was serious -- I hope not -- or messing with the rest of us. The premise was so preposterous I can only assume it was some sort of ill-concieved prank gone too far.

I chose to respond with what I felt was humor, as did my friend CvM. Yes, the more mature stance would have been to ignore the whole affair and hope it would die on it's own. But, as immature escapades go those three forums -- I'm talking about the three involving myself and CvM directly -- were more absurd than harmful and now they're in Forum never-never-land, where they belong.

For myself, I have one comment. After 600 or so postings, mostly serious, being drawn into some true insanity was a welcome release.

As stated earlier, you had no choice but to close them. This morning was the perfect time to do so as they were on the verge of getting out of hand.

Hopefully they won't reappear.

As demonstrated by the continuing Free French Forums, much of which is surrealistic and non-reverential, you, Madmatt and Hubert allow considerable lee-way in permitting unconventional venues of posted entertainment. Keeping such things within the existing parrameters gives room for a considerable amount of in your face humor and I'd enjoy these things even more if they remained within those confines. As I'm certain everyone else would.

If there was a wrong in it I am undeniably one of the guiltiest parties and offer my appologies for causing it to expand further than it otherwise might have.

"it's possible that all the troublemakers are simply offline sipping champaign,"

My Good Man, you are a master of the understatement -- sipping! :eek:

[ December 30, 2002, 02:16 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Moon, thank you Sir. Things should not go as far as they have on this forum, and it's been embarassing. :eek:

As moderator and Battlefront grand pooh-bah, could you do something about adding additional forum sections to the Strategic Command arena? Like Combat Mission, SC should have sub-sections for SC2, Tips & Tricks, and Scenario Talk. It would greatly help to have discussions broken down into appropriate topics. And probably easier to moderate rather than trying to sort through the current free-for-all. Thanks.

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For the three forums I discussed earlier -- the three I made postings to.

Excessive. Yes. Silly. Perhaps. Embarrassing --? You can't traipse through forums picking and choosing and deciding after the fact that one thing is funny and another embarrassing and embarrassing to whom? Who's dropping in, the Pope? What I find embarrassing is this thread. What I find embarrassing is the fact I was stupid enough to apologize and suddenly be among the unrighteous.

If this site is so stuffy, so humorless and so prone to finger pointing that it can't tolerate a little deviance from the norm then the hell with it. It's okay to have an entire forum or six that contains nothing but "I'm the best!" and "You can't beat me!" but what we did -- and I refuse to leave the others hanging -- is embarrassing and WE are supposed to go around now with our heads hung in shame, well, then the hell with it.

Bar me! :mad:

[ December 30, 2002, 02:49 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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As originally posted by Bill Macon:

... could you do something about adding additional forum sections to the Strategic Command...

I would like to second this proposition. That way, each person, serious or light-hearted or fey, could actively participate in those areas where they feel comfortable.

No-one wishes to be a scold or nag, and no-one that I know of wants to act out of place, as an "unofficial monitor." Each of us has been guilty (... not only you, JJ) of some occasional off-topic shenanigans, but as long as they remain within the bounds of good taste and apply due consideration for each individual's DESERVED dignity, then I see no problem.

I also agree with JerseyJohn when he suggests that there CAN be some certain "kidding around." And of course -- any and all decisions as to what is or isn't appropriate is in the hands of the "official" monitors, and NOT for any of us to take that role upon ourselves, yes? smile.gif

I am happy to curtail my own tendencies toward... inappropriate BS, and will take some responsibility for at times being, ummm... overly cynical and without easy grace.

Anyway, let's all participate in the great fun that will be... increasingly possible SC2! :cool:

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Aw Immer , ya big lug, you've once again used your wisdom to remove the cloud that was blocking the sun (uhh -- imagery isn't my strong point).

The past two days have been postings of extremes for me. Bill's idea sounds great and your reinforcement of it even greater.

And who's to say the Pope doesn't stop by. ;)

[ December 30, 2002, 03:32 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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First of all I had a real funny time jokin with Otto, Hubert, CvM etc about their true identity. BUT It really surprised me alot however that some guys really couldnt figure out that I was jokin. That truly scared me. I mean whats goin on here? Ive posted approximately 200 times here before so everyone except JerseyJohn should not be so insulted.

But I dont recognize this forum anymore when I read Brianthewise wanna die because he loses to Rambo(cheatin or not, hell just dont play the guy for god sake). This is not SC-spirit for me.

However to something more important. I got suspicious and ran the IP numbers through my friends softwareprogram.

As I suspected Moon got the same number as Immer Estwas. The conspiracy is growin...

[ December 30, 2002, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: Kuniworth ]

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I'm sure you don't imagine I thought you were serious. Had that been the case I'd never have posted anything.

Weird as it all was, as was said before, if I pretend to regret it I'd be lying. It was too much fun. I never thought I'd get to do a Rambo imitation.

Of course Moon had to lock them up, we knew that from the start.

It wasn't so much Lord of The Flies as The Island of Dr. Moreau :D

The serious guys (the responsible adults!) are right that we went too far and we can't do it again, but if anything those three forums ought to be locked away to protect the contents. They were classics of absurdity! ;)

Hopefully next time we'll keep it inside the boundaries. That shouldn't be difficult. I mean you and me and Rambo and those others, we're all down to earth sensible -- Hmmmmmm :D

[ December 30, 2002, 03:42 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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