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News to the Frontline

Greetings from Finland and I hope spring is feeling as goog there as it is here. For ages me and my friends started another round of 'Barbarossa to Berlin' play-by mail games. As you well must know by now, your game is the best batllefields simulator ever. Only thing more mindblowing would be something like WarHammer 40K using your engine or such.

One thing keeps troubling -or should I say makes me wonder? If you have the most glorious engine, the best atmosphere, realism and control, why most of the maps and scenarios seem to be so badly engined? I don't mean they suck -and undertstand the importance of realism (there really is no hills at Netherlands).

But for a little effort I made a map, of a village somewhere in northern Finland. There was logical roads (leading to somewhere), rivers. bridges, railroad tunnels, fences and so on? Too bad this one was destroyed by some mistake, but I'll gladly make another map -just to show you my point.

Do not ever think, that my letter is ment to critisize your exellent game, or effort to say I'm better 'desingner' or something. Most of the maps seem just quite flat and unimprovising. Special thanks to the finnish translation and troopmodeling -which are exellent work and I realy mean it. Rare finnish company could ever reach the same authencity.

If I manage to create another 'well eunogh' map, what would be right page to post it?



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Have you looked at the realistic maps created by designers for this reason?

The auto-generated maps are just auto-generated maps to let people play easily.

You can find more realistic maps in places like Scenario Depot and The Proving Grounds (which Sergei mentioned).

There are lots of very good maps. Please do add some more!


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