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I support the Admin actions

Les the Sarge 9-1

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Ok I am not wanting to sound mean, but I support the admins for supporting their own guidelines.

I took a stab at being an moderator, it is not likely unknown to a lot of people that I was a mod elsewhere in the world of wargaming.

I attempted to do just what Moon is doing, keep a wargaming forum about wargaming. It wasn't well received. Some people just won't listen to you till you get nasty and take that decisive action.

The SC forum really is the SC forum only in name.

And I don't envy Moon trying to make it better than it is now.

I would rather the goofiness be toned down believe it or not.

Yes I have participated on some forums where it actually does get rather goofy. And I am guilty of posting some of the dumber grade of posts as well.

But it does clutter up the forums in the process.

I tend to prefer to talk wargames in the wargames section, and general banter in the General forum.

I think the SC forum should be about decent SC discussions. We can all slip in pleasantries in a post.

But threads and posts solely dedicated to being idiotic are not working.

Sadly it is all past news that I would prefer the General forum here at Battlefront, be separate from all the over the top political diatribes. But it isn't going to happen (so I just don't bother with them, easy enough choice to make).

SC is a fine enough game, and grand strategy games often attract a fine measure of indepth historical based discussion.

But the threads that possess the fine discussions always get booted off page one by such rediculous space wasting silliness.

Sure it can be funny, but it is indeed intrusive to the good threads I would rather have instead.

I came back. I posted a few posts. But I have been sitting out here mostly silent, because there is still to much class clown behaviour, and not enough serious discussion going on.

SC2 is never going to arrive if Hubert has to get his input diluted with all the insanity guys.

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It's possible to have both and very hard to be objective about what kind of post is relevant and what kind isn't.

I don't envy Martin either, nor do I wish to belittle the job he does because he does it very well.

And I've also seen many, many threads that I thought were good and interesting and certainly very specifically relevant to both WW II and SC being knocked back to page two or even three because some loser comes in and spams a dozen or so posts before being booted out on his bottom. I never bo back and bump my own posts, so they just vanish.

But I think Kuniworth stopped doing that months ago. For better or worse the majority of his threads attracted a dozen or more posts, unless they were locked, and Threads like that are not spam.

If being off topic is a major offense then we're all vulnerable to a very subjective interpretation.

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