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SC Head-2-Head SC Compeition Website - Need help??


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I had posted this in another thread but i'm sure some may not have read this, so here it is again...by the way im asking for help if your intrested?

Strangly enough I was about to Post that I have an idea for a Head-2-Head Compeition web site where a third party based on set rules that would determine Ratings and Experience of each SC player! I was going to ask for help in the programming area and also that I would host this on my machine since i can dedicate hard drive space and an IP to it....well here goes ..can anybody or is anyone willing to help here????

heres what I have so far as rules and the idea, it's open to more ideas or imporvement of course!

Player Information


SC Forum Name


Playable IP Address

Time Zone

Can you Host? yes ( ) No ( )

Rating SC player 1 – 10 (This is per Side(Axis or Allied)

0 = New Sign up

10 =Expert (40+ Wins, Losses will reduce your overall rating)

Experience per member 0 – 100+ (To achieve 100+ one must play 100 games complete!)

There will be 2 ways to gain Head-to-Head play;

Automatic choice by Head-2-Head Board.

Challenge posted by member for another member to compete in Head-2-Head SC Play.


Member #A

Allied Rating 4

Axis Rating 5

Overall Experience 36

Member #B

Allied Rating 1

Axis Rating 7

Overall Experience 32

Head-2-Head competition - Auto Challenge

(Auto challenge will determine player side and Rating based on player availability)

Member #A (AXIS) Member #B(ALLIED)

(Member #B was determined to have played an excessive amount of AXIS games and will require ALLIED game time!)

Head-2-Head competition – Manual

Manual challenger would pick sides and send email to opponent regardless of Rating or availability!

Regardless of the type of challenge it will hold on system for no more than 24 hours or until new challenge has been presented before the 24 hour time period has ended and accepted.

To determine wins Head-2-Head play must be achieved and completed. Reporting is achieved by both players of Head-2-Head challenge . If one side records outcome and other does not then game is forfeited. Each reported completed win or loss .25 will be appllied to player Allied or Axis rating.

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To my good friend 82NDREADY:

I agree with you that we need to start a new thread in order not to confuse people about what we are talking about. I think we could use some help and advice from the administrators on this one, as some of the items being discussed will surely have to be approved by Battlefront. There are details to work out and God knows I DO NOT want to see a "Win $500" thread go up until we know Battlefront is okay with this.

Moon, I apologise to you and Battlefront for posting that on the public forum. I have sent you an e-mail, but it was a foolish burst of exuberence on my part, as this should have been handled in private.

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