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Observations about USA and my doctrine


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After playing SC for the past few weeks both solo and Pbem, I have some observations i'd like to share.

Some if not all have been brought up before now. But then why not rehash it all again.

I'll start with, The USA:

Needs more production to start with.

Having to buy and ship a unit from America can be cost prohibitve.

Eample, Buy 1 Strat Bomber cost 500mmp, then tack on transporting cost at tech level 0, 50 more mmp total 550mmp. Then add the number of turns to acquire it for production 180 a turn for 3 turns 540mmp. 1 turn to ship/Operate to England. And ur almost ready.

Hey but 1 bomber does not make an 8th Army Air Force.

This makes building a Strategic Bomber Fleet of just 3 units 1650 mmp and 10 turns to prodce and ship.

Wait there is more, cause i like fighters for escort/interception duty so lets add to that 2 fighters 880 mmp, thats another 5 turns,

and a Hq to command them say General Clark 420+40 a total of 2990mmp + 19 turns to base out of UK.

Now as America Historical entry u are looking at late 42 before this Air Force command is working at peak. This is an extreme example tho. No Allied player is going to wait this long or build these units except me.

During that same time the Axis are bringing in upwards of 500mmp a turn and scientists are developing Victory weapons.

Granted i have a soft spot for the Arsenal of Democracy so any increase in Production would be of great help. But i'd like to see the USA start with the following units in addition to the current units.

1 carrier, 2 crusiers, 1 sub, 1 HQ, 1 Tank, 1 Bomber.

It may not be "historical" but it would make the USA a threat the Axis have to take seriously.

One other topic i'd like to touch on is unit limits.

My doctrine is to build 1 HQ for every 5 land/air units built. And garrison Korps for cities and resources that need guarding. It works for me and keeps a certain pressure to play and have fun.

My favorite Order of Battle is,

1 HQ

1 Armor

1 Air Fleet

3 Infantry Armies

Of course there are many combinations depending in the situations.

example England early in the War.

1 HQ and 1 Bomber, 4 Fighters.

Thats all for now.

Thanks very much for reading this and i hope u enjoy this game as much as i do.

Thanks Hubert!

Thanks to the Mod makers.


To Understand Life, Endure Pain

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Good Point. You said:

"Now as America Historical entry u are looking at late 42 before this Air Force command is working at peak."

I don't think that the actual 8 Airforce was in full swing until before this date. The U.S. did have to build up to this (and the game does reflect it).

I agree, however, that U.S. production should probably increase in some way with time.


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