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Two Towers, don't you miss out seeing it!!

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I too enjoyed the movie a great deal. I would have enjoyed it more if I had never read the books. Unfortunately, I have read the books and the movie failed for me in a couple of key areas:

1. Aragorn has been considerably decreased in stature from the books. Though in the books he may be worth a thousand men, apparently the movie doesn't consider it all that big of a deal that Aragorn is the descendant of Elendil and has Narsil, the sword that was broken and now reforged. Example 1 of the weakness of man.

2. I don't remember a company of elven archers coming to the rescue of Helm's Deep in the book. And was that Celeborn leading the elves and dying?! Example 2 of the weakness of man.

3. Faramir was portrayed quite differently in the movie. He was much more tempted to use the ring for Gonder. Example 3 of the weakness of man.

There were other items but do we see a trend here? Man is obviously very weak and unworthy to inherit Middle Earth.

Still, I really enjoyed the movie and plan to see it again.

This is actually my first post on this forum and must say that it was prowling around this forum over the last couple of weeks that caused me to decide to purchase SC. (If my wife doesn't get it for me for Christmas, that is.)

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Great movie, but the battle of the Helm´s Deep was a bit ridiculous because I looked at it with the "strategic eye". Neither side practised any castle attack tactics and only the orcs used (very, very little) equipment (to erect ladders, but forget siege machines).

Still, a very enjoyable and enthralling experience.

It´s just that the strategist in me was screaming at the onset of the Battle ;)

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Originally posted by Les the Sarge 9-1b:

But if you hear any negatives, ignore the person, they are clearly not right in the head.

Disclaimer: this entire post is solely for Les the Sarge and should be taken by all others as one of the most sardonic (and sarcastic!) posts imaginable. :D
Well... Two Towers completely sucked.

Now hear me out. Although I haven't actually seen the film, I urge you to read on since I'm in a very unique position to issue this statement.

Now I am more or less a fantasy book-reader, that doesn't mind watching a few fantasy films.

For instance....

I think that Snow White & The Seven Dwarves has some production features I don't like, but the film as a film, where movies are concerned, is so far ahead of Two Towers, which as a movie is garbage.

There is NO fun factor in a crummy film (unless a person is capable of fiddling with any film regardless of how good it might or might not be).

Please note that I was really interested in Two Towers until I began to research it. It fails on any method by which it can be measured. It has no good points, not one.

As for my seeming mood shift on Two Towers, yes it is true, I went from quite happy to quite unexcited, to completely uninterested to completely unsupportive to disgusted in rapid order.

You may find these statements quite bold since I arrived at this very accurate opinion without ever watching the film. I did so on the word of my fellow film-goers, especially those on the myriad Lord of the Rings forums (and also other forums where people are predeterminedly hostile to Two Towers!). In short, I took the collective word of people I assume can be trusted; people that have seen the film, have watched it, and said it sucked.

As such, I consider my opinion, even if one that was rapidly transformed, to be an accurately arrived at one.

Here's some evidenciary forum headers I used in reaching my opinion (Clickable URLs provided at no cost to the reader):

"No one Believed me when i said FOTR sucked..."

"The Worst."

"Bored of the Rings."

"Too violent, too long, too...."


"UNHOLY. First HPotter, now this!"

"Addition of crap."

"I am sooo pissed at the writers!!!!!!!!"


"The Two Towers is not Tolkein's work."

"Did they [even] read the book?"

"Sh*tty Movie."

"The Two Towers is a major LETDOWN."


"Is [sic] Frodo and Sam gay??"

"LOTR Parallels the Bible!" (hehe... couldn't resist this one smile.gif )

Now I know there are all those Two Towers sycophants that will complain about my rant despite the overwhelmingly trustworthy third-party information I've gathered in my research.

As such, I guess the only alternative would be to tell everyone to shut up, never discuss a film ever again, and let us all pay to see oodles of more fantasy films each year, including the garbage ones.

I haven't seen Two Towers and I am thankful for the myriad opinions of the fantasy film-watching community, that have allowed me to not purchase a ticket for this expensive waste of celluloid.

I'm sure there are also those Two Towers apologists' who will say that a Director's Cut of it will cure many of the film's faults.

Issuing a Director's Cut of TT is like putting a bandaid on a traumatic amputation. ;)



P.S.: Man, o man, Sarge... this movie sounds a lot like HOI, eh? smile.gif BTW... and for the record, having seen the film this very evening, I thoroughly loved it, regardless of what my...ahem...fellow Yahoo movie reviewing friends think of it. Hope I didn't yank anyone's chain too hard with this post. :cool:

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