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AAR : World League (Iraq neutral) : Condor (230:1150:4600) vs Rambo ----> CONDOR wins


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Big name players, big bid. The Condor went to the ashes last game, will it be the Flight of the Phoenix for him? Or will it be Legend playing both sides of the coin like a Champ. It doesn't get any better than this.

Heavyweight bout...

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Sweden surrenders just by the time France surrenders. I dont steal tank tech from the french this time tho i try.

After Paris fell Rambo fell also in a profund coma, most prolly developing some tech. He evacuated Brest and he never took Bergen.

All the MED is now axis. Spain and Vichy converted and ready to hit Russia.

Some German tech:

- Jets level 4

- Tanks level 3

- LR ?

Barbarrossa starts sooner than expected due to Poland and Minors joining at a bad time, i think russia readiness increased about 12%.

August 3, barbarrossa starts.

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Hi, we are back in the game. Battlefront's Forum was down for a few hours yesterday, no way to post update.

Game has gone from boring as the Allies, everybody knows how much I love to play them (kidding). I've been sitting on my butt the whole game.

Condor has good visible tech, maybe more. It's going to be rough for Russia, I'll need every red cent for troops & planes.

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