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Techs - Major and Minor

Edwin P.

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What are your thoughts regarding the idea of adding Minor Technology Advancements / Capital Investments to the game?

Minor technology advancements are advancements that are have a greater chance of being discovered (10% per turn) or Captial Investments that take affect at the start of the next turn, have limited effects, and have their research investment used up after the discovery is made.

Esentially each Minor Technology advancement costs 250MPP and is limited to 1 level.


Minor Technology Advancements - 10% per turn for 1 chit that costs 250MPP. Maximum Investment: 1 chit per tech.

Improved Submarine Production - decreases cost of submarine production by 10%.

Military AirDrops- Allows creation of Paratroop Corps Unit or (Allows Surrounded Unit to be supplied by a friendly Air Unit? Supplying Air Unit is subject to interception attack by enemy air.)

Improved Ship Engines - Adds 1 AP to movement allowance of Transports

Improved Communications - Increases readiness of intercepting Air Fleets by 10%.

Improved Mining Technology - Increases production of resource hexes by 20%.

Cold Weather Equipment - Adds 1 AP to movement of land units during Winter Turns.

Militia Training Program - Allows production of militia units - 5 Strength Corps Units.

Improved Combat Air Patrols - Reduces Spotting Range of Enemy Air Units by 2 Hexs when they are in the unadjusted spotting range of your Air Units

Short Range Radar - Increases Air Defense rating of cities by 1.

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I don't like the idea. "Minor" tech advancements are something we should not be concerned with (since we represent the leadership of an alliance).

If you want to include those type of advances that have been listed under "Minor" tech advancements, then have the possiblity occur as an "event action" (a term someone here used). Each turn a Minor advance is possible, with the type of advance being randomly determined. We as players don't have to do anything.

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Your idea of events giving advances is interesting and deserves futher study.

I had thought of minor techs as investments that would require a lower level of resource allocations, ie not requiring an effort as extensive as a Manhattan Project, but still requiring the overall commanders to make a decision as to whether or not to pursue these minor avenues of advancement.

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Winter Rail Operations - Without this investment the cost of operating units into or out of Russia during winter months is doubled. Takes effect at the start of the next turn.

Egypt-Iraq RailRoad - This investment increases the value of Egyptian cities and ports from 5 to 10 as they can now trace a supply line to the Neutral Capital of Iraq. Takes effect 4 months after the investment is made.

Russian Partisan Planning - This investment reflects resources dedicated to ensure that the Russian resistance continues, even if the government falls. This investment activates Post Surrender Russian Partisans (ie 5%/15% for Russian Partisans after Russia Surrenders)

Long Live the King - This investment allows the British Empire to continue from the Safety of Canada in the event that Germany conquers England. Egypt, Gibraltor and Malta do not surrender when England Surrenders (aka Vichy France). UK units within 5 hexes of these lands or Canada are not disbanded when England surrenders. They continue the Fight.

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