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Iron Ranger's Survey for V1.07 Patch


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"Hopefully if enough names get put under this (NOT ideas, just names, let the designers sort out the details or they can contact people who've played alot) the company will feel justified in devoting the resource's to get v1.07."

-- Iron Ranger

This is an excellent suggestion by Iron Ranger. I'd like to alter it a bit and get it rolling as a survey (changed from petition).

Each person listing his forum signature should follow it with either Game Flaw Corrections or Game Improvements of Both as the reason being pettitioned.

As Iron Ranger stated, DO NOT LIST A SPECIFIC IMPROVEMENT OR FLAW , only your forum signature and whether you'd like to see Game Flaw Corrections

Gameplay Improvements

or Both.

OR If you feel SC is fine as it is after 1.06, that it hasn't got some glaring flaws that really ought to be corrected before SC 2 comes out and that there isn't at least one gameplay improvement that couldn't be easily incorporated that would make SC 1 much more enjoyable, then state NO PATCH. -- I apologize for not listing this last part in the original list. It didn't occur to me that anyone would choose it.

[ March 31, 2003, 10:32 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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1) You guys mean well

2) There are gaming issues to change


I don't like the word "Petition". Why not just ask Hubert like normal people. The use of "Petition" gives me a weird feeling like there is seperation or division. Has anyone given Hubert the chance to respond before the "Petition"? What if Hubert says no to your "Petition"? Does that mean you're going to have a "Boycott" or some other Socialist action.

I'm a Capitalist. I don't do business like a Socialist. This thread is like a Kangeroo court. I believe in God & his Son the Lord Jesus Christ, I don't do business with "Petitions".

Rambo, being my own person.

Rambo, being an American.

Rambo, says no to Union/Socialist behavior.

Rambo, says NO to the word "Petition".


"Unions are of the Devil, I never thought my sons would say such non-sense" --- Donald Crisp

"We will goto to America" --- Ebor

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PETI'TION, n. [L. petitio, from peto, to ask, properly to urge or press.](WEBSTER"S 1828)

2. A formal request or supplication, verbal or written; particularly, a written supplication from an inferior to a superior, either to a single person clothed with power, or to a legislative or other body, soliciting some favor, grant, right or mercy.

things may mean way different things on the left coast than they do in the rest of the civilized world, but what people are doing is only raising their hands to support a patch.

no secret society. no cult. if some sorry commie comes to your doorstep and mentions my name, and wants you to become part of a new world order, you have my permission to bop him in the nose.

REV 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

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If you feel it doesn't need a patch, then just say NO PATCH.

It's my fault for not listing that as an option; I'm going back and now doing so.

NO PATCH also insinuates you think SC is fine to remain as it is, unchanged with v1.06.

I didn't want the Thread to start meandering into discussions as it would lose the whole point and momentum.

[ March 31, 2003, 10:28 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Sir Jersey --- Thanks for the noun change. Yes, we live in a world of words, meanings, intents, & people like me who manifest strangness in the 9th degree.

Hubert --- I now declare I would "PLEASE" like "BOTH", relative to my previous opinion post. I would like to the word "PLEASE".

Camp GMT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PLEASE, BOTH

[ March 31, 2003, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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General Rambo

Thanks for pointing it out. You're right. Petition wasn't really what I had in mind. I was thinking in terms of a list and that was the only word that came to me at the time.

Also, regarding the Kangaroo Court, I have to agree with you again, which is why I've added another option, NO PATCH. This way every view on the subject is represented.

Thanks for the input. I wish now those fine points would have occurred to me when I first wrote the Thread, it would have flowed more smoothly, but the writing was done in a rush.


Agreed with Rambo, nobody is trying to push anything on you.

This is offered as a suggestion, as in whether the people who play this game often feel it needs no patch -- which I didn't list but is always an option for anyone to state, or a patch correcting a technical flaw or a patch adding a needed game feature. If anyone feels really strongly that SC 1 should stand as is they're welcome to choose the NO PATCH response.

As Iron Ranger originally pointed out, nothing specific is being listed as we know you read these threads, already know our opinions and have a better idea than we do of what is feasable for a patch and what isn't.

The survey is only to establish whether most players think SC 1 should stand as is, or receive an additional patch before moving on to SC 2.

[ March 31, 2003, 10:52 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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