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May Auld Acquaintance be not forgot

Desert Dave

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Happy New Year!

To... ALL! smile.gif

And also, some and several

Of the following:

Battlefront moderators

And Chief operating officers,

Who have put up with... splutterings

And mutterings and almost! literate

Hatchet-jobs and spittle in

Gobs and! untold sass & mischief, oh yes!

Happy and easied days ahead... and also

To all the... for-the-love-of-the-GAMErs, and

The lurkers and smirkers too, and those heavy

Competitors zestfully competing! and every single

SC admirer and Co-conspirator - equal alike!

Happy New Year too!

To Jim Morrison as well, no doubt

Older and wiser and hiding out O our

Faithful American Poet... abiding

In a hard-rock cabin somewhere in the vicinity

Of Big Sur, California, satisfied!

At last, that

Recreational drugs are no... sublime solution,

That the Miami policers are surely

And truly, wise and benign,

And that Janis Joplin didn't REALLY

Mean it... when she conked him on

A patchouli-laced pompadour... with

That (empty) Southern Comfort whiskey decanter.

And, last but not least,

Happy New Year! :cool:

To Hubert Cater ... who has provided

Untold FUN and Panzer-like

Sights & sounds galore!


It is mostly and only.. US! :eek:

The cheering and confetti tearing & tossing crowd!

Asking for... the Stars awhiling high above,

And the Sun and Moon too! and also!

Asking for...

Even more!


We WANT it, as DOOR-opening Morrison once and Dearly defiant declared... NOW!

No, no, and hip hooray!

We want it... Yesterday!!

And how! ;)

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Same to ya, kurt88.

Looks like we're the only

Rough old road-house rock-rollers

Prowling around

SC Town.

'At's all right.

Two is... MORE than enough.


Might come biking or hiking out

Along... the boulevard, turnpike

Or... Signs & Wonders

Thunder-road. :cool:

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