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Small problem with Fall Weiss


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It's a relatively minor thing, but...

Both the 3rd and 8th Armies start the Campaign without an HQ. The 3rd Army should be part of Bock's Army Group North and the 8th should be part of Runstedt's Army Group South.

This greatly ampers the ability of these two units to engage the Polish forces (especially the 8th Army). It is balanced out in the game by the fact that the VIII and II Corps (meant to represent the home units of Berlin and Prague I believe...) fall under Runstedt and Bock respectively allowing them to move forward and do the job the Armies cannot.

It's a minor thing and quickly forgotten after the first turn. But I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix it?

My suggestion would be to allow the player to choose which units (within range) fall under a certain HQ. The computer would still choose automatically for the most part, but when it makes an error the player should be allowed to fix it.

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