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Clash of steel


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i recently downloaded the supposadly bugged edition of COS, but it didnt work. I click on Cos but the loading screen comes upp, i click it doesnt do any thing, i press esc, enter and alll the buttons, nothing does any thing so i minimise+close. if i double click on COS2 that screen comes up where you choose what country, scenerio etc, but the mouse is frozen, i can however see the curser. again,, none of the keys work so i minimise and close. PLEASE HELP!!

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The most unique first post I've seen yet!

Welcome aboard.

Not being one of the Forum Wizards I can't help you with your running problem, I've never been able to run CoS on anything but my ancient DOS machine.

Two main reasons, one is EMS Memory, which it needs a lot of, and the other is running speed. The program runs extremely slowly by current standards.

That's the extent of my computer knowledge but fear not, I'm sure someone will have a way of running it in Windows.

When you get everything done, you may need to create a save file.

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