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Victory conditions does not work AND/OR the manual is missprinted).


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I have now tried the 1947 rules. If no side forfills the objectives it is a draw (pure stalemate).

Results from my testing:

1) in May 1947 the game ENDS no matter what.

2) Points (scores) are irrelevant.

3) Allies victory condition seems to work.

4) Axis victory conditions does NOT work. In the manual it says that France is liberated in the axis winning condition (which should ofcourse be that France is NOT liberated). More serious is the flaw that "either Leningrad, Moscow, London or Stalingrad is captured" because it does not work. I held all my nations (France, Italy and germany) and took Leningrad but that produced a draw! I also tried taking Moscow but THAT produced an axis win.

5) the draw condition works i.e no side forfills their objectives=draw.

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It actually says the following:

From the User Manual Update for v1.06


Axis Stalemate Victory Conditions (May 7th, 1947)

- Both Germany and Italy have not surrendered, France has surrendered and either London, Moscow, Stalingrad or

Leningrad are in Axis hands

Allied Stalemate Victory Conditions (May 7th 1947)

- Either Germany or Italy have surrendered or

- England, the USA and the USSR have not surrendered and either France has been liberated or Italy surrendered

and both London and Moscow are not occupied by the Axis

Perhaps you misread the manual update, as it is a condition of Axis Stalemate Victory that France has surrendered. The news that the game seemed to ignore your holding Leningrad is disquieting however. Have you posted it as a problem for Hubert on the Technical Support Forum?
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Yeah that is a typo for Axis Victory Conditions, it should read (in logic form):

NOT Germany surrendered AND

NOT Italy surrendered AND

NOT France liberated by Allies AND

(London occupied by Axis OR Moscow occupied by Axis OR (Stalingrad occupied by Axis AND Leningrad occupied by Axis))

Hope this helps,


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