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SC 2 - a 3 player game?


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Don´t know if this been up before on the forum, but I think it could be a nice feature if it was possible to have 2 allied players vs the axis in a SC2 game.

One allied playe would control the USSR and another the USA+UK+France. Part of the thinking behind this is also that each of the two allied sides should have somewhat different victory goals - besides the destruction of the Axis. In this way while the overall situation would be say a allied victory with the destruction of the axis. The USSR could emerge as the dominant and get a overall first place among the allies if it managed to grab Central and Eastern Europe as well as say Greece, Denmark and Norway. With the US+UK+France in a second place.

This would perhaps create some tensions among the allied players that I think could add anoter dimension to the game. Possible a quick round og WWIII :D


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