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AAR 3H - Terif (Axis) vs Desaix (Allies)


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Second part of the mirror games with Desaix´s 3H Szenario.

First part with Desaix Axis

Options are:

- No Free French

- Minor historical

House rules: no land on dow and no AA.

We used 1/1/2/10 (Fr/Uk/US/USSR) bid system and used a 100 bid. That makes 100 mpps UK, 100 France, 200 USA, 3000 Russia.

Turn 1:

In this scenario Allies start with understrength units in the west, so no chance for a LC gambit or any other threat during the first turns. Additionally the german units in the east start with 1 experience so with a full scale attack Warsaw will usually fall within the first strike. Therefore Germany decides to use everything in Poland: Warsaw conquered, the last 3 polish survivors surrender. Denmark under attack.

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15 octobre 39 - Allies turn 3

Germans have have not yet attack Lc, so still preparing defences of France...

In the Atlantic, sub hunt going on, 2 of them found and slightly damaged... One French ship lost in the process...

In the med, U boat still not found...

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Axis turn 3:

- LC attacked and converted

- german subs successful raiding in the Atlantic, 2 lonely UK ships that were disturbing got sunk, a last french cruiser survives the attack of a sub and the german cruiser.

- Still all german ships in good combat shape smile.gif

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Allies turn 4

Graff Spee sunk, subs under attack, 2 of them spoted but still in good conditions... Some more loses to be expected by the RN.

Med sub still not found... Has probably hit a rock and sunk by accident...

Defense of France getting reinforced, British land corps every turn...

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Axis turn 4:

- Ardennes survives, but the french hex NW of it gets conquered, 2 new AFs built to support the further offensive, Manstein already in service.

- Hood cruiser sunk by the atlantic subs, still all 4 subs in good shape and raiding.

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Axis turn 5:

As Allies had to notice they have not enough mpps/units without disbanding the bomber, so the second defence line in France is only partially completed.

German tank forces break through and reach Paris on a broad front, 3 allied units destroyed, Ardennes conquered too. Northern France under german control. Paris will fall in probably 2 turns.

- French battleship destroyed near Triest

- UK ships damaged near Canada, the sub there will die next turn, another sub still hiding and raiding.

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Despite French propaganda ( smile.gif ) French are still holding and still hopeing for victory (?)... More corps deployed...

Italian vulpture joined Axis...

U boat sunk on US coast and yes one still hiding...

Trieste Uboat were granted mercy by the king so the navy moved away ;) ...

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Axis turn 6:

German forces start surounding Paris - all AFs + bomber now in range, France should fall next turn ;) .

Italian forces destroy a UK battleship and reduce Warspite to str 3 - french retaliation expected, several subs spotted in the area.

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Allies turn 6

British ship on French shor bombed everything at sigth... Manstein received a hit in Brusseles.

French troop garthering around PAris for the final defence.

In the med, one Italian cuiser sunk, some hits on a battleship. French sub having many loses...

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March 31, 1940 (Axis T 7):

German bombers fly the first attack wave to reduce entrenchment of Paris, 2 AFs following. 3 ground attacks finally removed the surviving defenders of the firestorm. France surrenders.

The 3 remaining AFs attack the british ships in the channel, killing one of them.

Near Albania 2 additional UK ships get sunk.

Total naval losses so far:

Germany: 3 subs, 1 cruiser........(6 subs, 5 ships left)

Italy: 1 cruiser.........................(1 sub, 3 ships left)

France: 3 ships........................(the remaining 8 units surrender)

UK: 7 ships.............................(14 left + 3 subs)

[ December 31, 2004, 02:35 AM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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April 28, 1940:

- reorganizing the victorious german troops...

- Manstein + 3 AFs operate to Sicily, Italian battleships reinforce for the oncoming battle..

- UK transport west of Tobruk, the defender orders an additional supply convoi via port for its attack against the british 8th army: reduced to str 2. Fresh troops from Tripoli (army) sent to Tobruk.

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May 26, 1940:

- AF in Malta (str 4) is spotting the german air armada in Sicily, despite this information Allies move a battleship and Glorious carrier in range. Both get sunk north of Algier by 3 AFs + 1 bomber.

- Greek army south of Albania attacked by some italian battleships, Tobruk garrison receives reinforcements by a new italian army: UK desert tank reduced to str 4.

- near Denmark UK´s Sargo sub is a good diver and survives 5 air/naval attacks at str 1.

- Brest still allied held, but under german attack.

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- Sad navy lose... I did a calcul error, I dont know why but I thougth spotting range of AF was 4...

- In greece, greeks attacked Albania.

- Germans are preparing an operation in Scandinavia, English getting ready...

- Last Atlantic sub spoted and attacked north of Canada

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June 16, 1940:

Not much news...italian forces preparing to invade Greece, transports at the coast.

Sub in the Atlantic will be lost next axis turn, UK battleship reduced to str 4, UK sub that run into the german sub last turn: down to str 3.

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July 14, 1940:

- Axis land heavy ground forces in Italy after battleships and bombers reduced Athens entrenchment. Athen conquered, Greece surrenders.

- italian reinforcements land in Tobruk, transports move into position for the african campaign

- UK WDT tank transport and Wavell transport spotted outside Tobruk (what are they doing in transports !?)...a german sub is curious and wants to ask the tank transport why it is swimming there, unfortunately its commander got panic and sunk its (str 4) boats when he saw the sub approaching :D . After this reaction an italian battleship held the right security distance to avoid the same accident with the HQ transport ;) .

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July 28 1940

Well, this was a secret operation called "operation Bonaparte"... The english learnt it at the end of the XVIIIth century when Bonaparte came back from Egypte... So, as English are not any stupid than the French and as the Italian Navy is not any better than the Royal navy, the British Queen decided to launch this operation to retrieve Wavell from Egypt...

Obviously one of the two statements was wrong ;) ...

Wavell back to Egypt...

No much else you can see elsewhere smile.gif ...

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