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Which Mod?


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Originally posted by Titan:

Who is going to use which Mod.

I'm going to mix them... I like the historical infantry mod (the one with the smaller box), and the air unit mod with all the detail. The tanks will have to be the ones that try to look historical...

A real mixed bag, but should be fun...


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Originally posted by Von Bismarck:


Would you consider posting your bitmaps somewhere, or explaining how you modified the mod's? I tried and the game did not like my mix. I think I messed up somehow.

The .bmp files are easy to cut and paste to/from. Just keep your file names unique, as the files from Otto's site will want to step on each other.

I renamed each file after I unzipped it.

There is one big issue with doing this. The back ground colors and strength number sprites are screwy. I need to fix this, once everyone has finished their work.

I hope the artist who did these mods (they did the real work), are okay with my mixing and matching...

Here's a preview, though I think the screenies are blurry...



see what I mean... it's going to look real nice after it's tweeked...


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