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France forever!


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So far I have played 1vs1 three time agianst diff people. I have held on to france all three time.

Is this a balanced game? Not! I am Waltero hear me "ROAR"! (meow, meow)

Who can stand up to me? WHO?

Like I thought germany Has no chance agianst a Human allies. (as long as I am that human)

In fact thay all surrender about the time Russia moves in. What would you do if you are still fighting with the French and russia is about to enter the war?

I understand that this game is still in its infantcy. and there are people still learning to play 1vs1.

I hope thats all it is!

Otherwise I am led to beleive that this is a non-wargamers game.

It is a good game for the Axis and Allies players.

Dont get me wrong, I think it is great that a game is able to bring the simplistic gamers over to this side of wargaming.

But as a wargamer and a lover of grand strategy games, I think there is not a chance for the german player.

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Originally posted by waltero:

Plz Do!

That is all I want! is that to much to ask?

Just remember When it comes to this game you is all my beeotches. Moo Ha HA Ha beeotch!

I think I'm playing a game with you as Axis. Weren't you the one that wanted no Free French, partisans, or scorched earth?

Tell you what, I'm going to take the Axis without all those gimmes, and I'm going to beat you like a red-headed stepchild.

It's on the way.

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I have whipped the PC's ass pretty much a cake walk on beginner. I have beating it up on next level up and have yet to play it on top AI level.

I have played a Human in 1vs1 and was the Germans.

It took me forever to knock France out, but I did. My German navy got mauled as the Brits sortied into the Baltic with the bulk of their fleet. However my airforce which I have build a lot of saved me and I must of sunk like 4 ships with it alone. Plus Air is so key against a human, because you can dig into a 2 deep line with it. The hardest thing for me was getting the first hex into France proper and holding it. I could take any hex but not hold it. Finally I think the economics took effect and I was just able to out buy replacements and stay stronger.

Bad part is the Russians were in about a turn after I managed to redploy the bulk of my army to the east.

Since the British Navy was so active it was hardly a force in by end of 41, so I counter invaded Britain proper and get about 8 units on shore and have cut off London. We are not done and a long war in Russia is raging so I don't expect much unless I knock Britain out before the U.S. gets in.

Well just my 2 cents



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