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the siberian legions


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First there is a geographical trigger for the siberian army: if enough axis units approach Moskov (within 4 hexes) or one of the cities east of Moskov (Rostov, Stalingrad, Voronezh...etc - within 3 hexes), siberians can arrive. The closer the axis units are to the cities, the less units are necessary to trigger the siberians - and units near Moskov count more than near other cities.

But after the geographical precondition is fullfilled, there is a check for the relative strength of both the axis and allied forces in Russia. If Allies are strong compared to Axis (and have a minimum number), then siberians dont arrive, even if Axis units are attacking/taking Moskov.

The ratio is based on strengths, unit type (e.g. tanks count more than corps etc.), supply and other factors - so you can´t calculate it on the battlefield. But as a rule of thumbs you can say if Axis is ~1.5 : 1 superior vs Russia in the report screen Siberians will most likely transfer.

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