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Any luck with these settings?


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I tried to set up the most handicaps I could in favor of the Axis when I played Allies so I used the following settings:

FOW - Yes (of course)

Free French - No

Yug Partisans - No

Russian Partisans - No

Scorched Earth - No

War in Siberia - Yes

I've reached an equilibrium point where the US and Brittain invade Western France and the Russians can just barely hold the line against the Germans. This is about the end of '42.

Production is in this ballpark:

Germany - 455 (That no scorched earth really hurts)

Itally - 150

England - 135

US - 180

Russia -400

So I have a 715 - 506 advantage, Moscow is under very heavy pressure and I'm not sure if I'll be able to win this one. I think I can hold out indefinitely, but not sure I can break the stalemate. Boy that Siberian Army would be huge right now!

As a comparison, if I set all of those options pro Allied, I can win easily with the Axis.

Anyone else have better luck with these settings?

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