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Which campaign does not require bidding?


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Yes, from the original campaigns the Fall Blau (1942) campaign is quite balanced without bidding (but mostly because it is not played very often ;) ).

For some more campaigns you can have a look at Panzerliga:


E.g. Amonas 1939 Fall Weiss Mod2 (the third szenario) is a very balanced campaign for two experienced players

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Originally posted by Narayan Sengupta:

None of mine require bidding.


Although your WW1 mod needs A LOT of added house rules.

Me and Kurt played it and we had to add some to make it work. The only way to find out I guess.

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In Human vs Human games it is common practice to use bonus mpps for Allies("bid") to decide who plays which side in the Fall Weiss campaign. The one with the highest bid plays Axis. With some experience Axis has a huge advantage, therefore Allies need extra mpps to even out this advantage.

The first system was a 1:1:1 system (=mpps x bid for UK,USA,Russia), i.e. if someone bids e.g. 150, then UK gets 150mpp, USA 150mpp and Russia 150mpp. This is an old (obsolete)system, but can still be used by new players.

In the meantime the most common systems are 1:8 (1xUK, 8xRussia), 1:10 (1xUK, 10xRussia) and the newest system: 1:5:20 (1xUK, 5x USA, 20x Russia).

E.g. a bid of 200 means in the 1:5:20 system: 200 mpp for UK, 1000 USA, 4000 Russia (in 1:10=200UK, 2000Russia).

The host adds the bonus mpp in the scenario editor to the fall weiss scenario, saves it under a new name and then can load it for the game.

The size of the bid highly depends on the experience of both players since axis only has an advantage when the axis player knows how to play his side and the advantage increases with the experience. Here some average values (March 2004):

-new vs new:

no bid necessary (Allies even can be in the advantage here)

-intermediate vs intermediate:

bid 200 system 1:8 or 1:10 (or ~100 in 1:5:20)

-veteran vs veteran:

bid 200 system 1:5:20

For more informations about things you should know for HvsH games read my thread:

Hints for new/intermediate players and basic knowledge SC


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