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Welcome to the SC community!

1.) How can you build a fortification?
You can't build fortifications. The Maginot line is there at the beginning of the game.

2.) How can a fortification stand up against 2 Panzer units 2 air units and 1 long bomber unit for 8 turns?!
That is the lesson which I had to learn too. DO NOT ATTACK UNITS AT THE MAGINOT LINE. In history the German Wehrmacht invaded the Lowlands to avoid attacking the Maginot line. I would advise you to copy this strategy. Attack Lowlands and than France. Often the French units at the Maginot line will move to Paris when you attack Paris. When you move your German unit to the fortification it will be destroyed and France does not longer gets MPPs for having this line.

I think it would be better to go through Italy or perhaps Switzerland (but this will cause the USA to entry the war earlier) with your armies rather than trying to destroy the units at the Maginot line.

I hope this helps smile.gif

Some basic questions are answered in this forum erlier. With the search option you can often find answers to your questions.


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