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City Enhancements

Desert Dave

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All right, for over a year and a half we have talked about various NEW!

Ideas that we would like to see implemented. Nothing wrong with that, since all of us are in fact or merely wishing to be war-game designers, so

How about... City Enhancements! smile.gif

For example: There could be a choice on the drop down box for each City, one of which could be... Anti Aircraft.

Spend xxx amount of MPPs, and that city, and that city ONLY, would have some small benefit (... which, incidentally, also depends on research achievements in our NEW! and expanded tech tree) against Strat Bombing (... in the new schematic, Air Fleets could NOT bomb, only Tac or Strat Bombers... I hope :cool: ).

Spend xxx amount of MPPs, and that city, and that city ONLY, would be able to create/expand... the RAILHEAD.

Which means, Op moves would receive added benefit. Remember, now, in our NEW! schematic, Op moves are based on actual ability to utilize the EXISTING infrastructure, which also could be improved through SPECIFIC tech achievements and/or coerced road labor crews, etc.

OK. Now you have placed a RAILHEAD in Kiev. smile.gif No longer does it take so darned long to get those direly needed replacements to the crumbling Front.

Also, since you have "railheads" in intervening cities all along the way toward conquering the Whole Known World, why, the COST would be LESS.

Those who don't build AA or Railheads or whatever else these our cunning and clever minds can conceive of... for the NEW!

City Enhancements, well, they will pay the price of higher cost and slower Op Movement.

What else?

Perhaps you could even expand the Arts Program in each city, say, like Cologne or Barcelona, but... well, I guess that idea is a bit out of the realm of War gaming. :eek:

Anyway, what say you all?

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City Enhancements- Really Great Idea - and Simple Too.

Buy a Air Defense Level for a Single City at a fixed price (125MPP) And/OR Research it and get the benefit for all cities.

Fortify A City - Raise its maximum entrenchment level by 2. Cost 125MPP.

Supply Dump - Unit starting turn in that city has 100% Readiness. Cost 250MPP. Destroyed if Occupied by Enemy forces.

Increase Production - Increase value of city by 1 for a cost of XX MPP.

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It is a good idea. One for Hubert to play around with I think.

However, what you said about air fleets I disagree with. The Luflotte that the Germans had were a mixture of fighters, reconnaissance and bombers. To change that the air war will have to be fought in an a-historical way.

I think that the best thing would be to just give strategic bombers a bit more bombing power, and air fleets a bit less.

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OR disband a corps in the city hex to get the same result.

In fact you could disband a corps in a Coastal Sea Hex to create a mine field that automatically attacks any enemy naval unit (transport or ship) moving into it (aka Sub Attack). Of course with each attack there is a 33% that all mines have been used up.

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As originally posted by Edwin P.:

Increase Production - Increase value of city by 1 for a cost of XX MPP.

Yes, this would be another aspect to be considered. :cool:

Several of us have suggested that this could be a way to bolster hapless Russia, until they are able to gear up in the later revenge-is-mine years... simply have their Cities increase in value over time.

Thus, Moscow would gradually increase in size/value until it reaches, oh, say 20 or so. This would reflect the shifting of industrial wherewithall, and the mustering of energized labor.

OR, as you say, allow it to be deliberately upgraded, industrially/infrastructurally.

This is a whole area that can be adroitly addressed. And, as JP Wagner has reminded, not ANY doubt that Hubert has already considered many of these schemes, and chooses those that personally fit his vision.

Now, I am NOT suggesting micro-management of cities and resources (... for some this would be a terrible consequence, since they want to keep it... simple; well, many of us want it more detailed)... rather, I AM suggesting that this game, ANY game, can be enhanced by... those small and important details that make of a game... virtual reality. :cool:

What do I mean?

The more that you can be... IMMERSED in a Fantasy World (... in this case, WW2 Europe and environs) so that you IMAGINE that you... are really truly THERE! , well, the more you are... satisfied that you are indeed re-enacting the old conflicted world, rather than merely "toying around" with an obviously ersatz product, yes? ;)


Incidentally, I AM surprised that, despite ALL! the fertile and clever minds that inhabit this Forum, very FEW of these fledglng game-makers have contributed... ANY ideas.

What is it? :confused:

So concerned with As The SC World Turns? ... that you can't think of any CITY ENHANCEMENTS? ... well shoot, maybe its really a dumb idea after all, eh?

Though, ahem, I myself really-really like the VIRTUAL possiblities. ;)

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Disband an army in a city hex and create a centralized command and control center that acts as a HQ unit to support units in all surrounding adjacent hexes. This represents the stock piling of supplies and the construction of underground passage ways - usually going from one basement to another adjacent basement.

It takes 2 turns to do this: one turn to move the Army onto the city hex and the next turn to disband the army unit.

This may be a tactic that Italty uses to defend Rome, Russia uses to defend Moscow or Germany uses to defend Warsaw.

[ November 04, 2003, 01:05 AM: Message edited by: Edwin P. ]

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