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Random Scenario Selection for 1939

Edwin P.

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Is there a way to have the system select a scenario randomly from a group of related scenarios (ie Allied AI 1939, Axis AI 1939)?

As a player who plays against the AI I would like to be able to play against an AI whose starting setup I do not know.

Thus I could design (3) 1939 scenarios and then have the computer select one randomly. With FOW (Fog of War) on I would not know with certainty the location or number of enemy troops or what units the neutrals would have when they are activated.

Perhaps the French choose to build up their army instead of their navy? Or perhaps the Russians redeployed their units in a different manner? With random scenario selection (from a group of related scenarios) the game would be more interesting.

Players could submit scenarios to Hebert and he could include selected ones in the the game. Thus when you started 1939 with FOW on, you might be playing a Scenario designed by Hubert, Shaka, JerseryJohn or Rambo. At the end of the Scenario you would see a Credit Line: Scenario Designed by xxxxx and a one paragraph historical/alternative history background.

More unpredictability and more fun for the players. :D

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Edwin P.

Fine idea and I'm honored at being mentioned in such fine company.


By now there are quite a few 1939 scenarios floating around. Unfortunately some of them vary wildly from the others in basic concepts which might be a problem.

Aside from Hubert's campaign, I think the three that were most researched would have to be dgaad's, Marinov's and Macon's. Of those three, I think Bill has done the most revising and has tried hardest to create a well balanced situation while still paying attention to historical representation. I know I mention those three very often, especially Bill's MOD, but that's because I consider them to be the standard.

I've created a few '39s, but mainly to test ideas. For example, one idea was out of curiosity to see what would happen if the UK starts with Iraq and the Axis starts with Sweeden. The idea was to boost MPPs from the start, especially for the UK. From that opening premise I soon found that the Axis gets a bit too much due to the MPP boost after conquering Denmark and Norway. I attempted to compensate for this by adding Portugal and Ireland to the Allies at start, along with Iraq. I like the results, both sides have enough MPPs to conduct research and build a few extra units, but admittedly that sort of approach is not for everyone.

Have you made any scenarios yourself? If so, you might want to discuss them on the Thread Brad Tennant originated, it's probably a few pages back by now. The idea (first thought of by Carl von Mannerheim) is to have all these ideas in a single area where concepts could be pooled and techniques shared.

Otto's SC site (linked in Bills FAQ Thread) has quite a few player created scenarios available for download, including those three 1939 MODs I'm always mentioning.

Getting back to the original idea, if Hubert every wants to set something like that up I'd be more than pleased to submit a few creations and I'm sure other would also.

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