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Weather Zones

Edwin P.

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Weather effect should vary by zone. Although you might have bad weather over the atlantic at the same time you could have clear weather over France.

I would divide the map into several weather zones. You could have good weather in some zones and bad weather in other zones.


North Atlantic - Major Storm, Air Fleets Grounded, No Air Spotting by Air Fleets

South Atlantic - Clear Weather

Italy - Low Cloud Cover - Spotting Chance reduced by 50% for Air Fleets

Egypt/Syria/Libya - Clear Skies

Russia - Major Blizzard, Action points reduced by 2, Air Fleets Grounded.

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JP Wagner

I like your zones, very clearly laid out. A most interesting read, especially on what effects weather.

As for how to determine the zone - JP has it by country. The only other zones to add are the Atlantic and Eastern Med and Western Med.

As for effects:


Clear: No effect

Snow: Spotting Chance reduced by 50%, spotting range reduced, AP reduced by 1

Major Storm: All planes grounded, AP reduced by 3, Can Not Operate in or out of region.


Clear: No Effect

Rain: Spotting Chance reduced by 50%

Major Storm: All Planes Grounded

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Good ideas.

I'm done pushing for these things, they're out of the question for SC and we don't have any real info on SC 2; meanwhile we have amphibious ops in the Baltic during the winter and break neck advances through the Russian snow. :D

Another old weather link for the collection.

*Weather and SC.

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Thanks for the link.

I know that it is unrealistic, I just keep hoping for an update that will include a new feature of game changing proportions - ie the three city supply source for Russia.


- Simplified FOW for Air Fleets Spotting Naval Units

- Norwegian/Swedish Axis Invasion

- Axis AI concentrates Air Fleets on the Eastern Front instead of keeping 2 or 3 air units in France

- Allied AI move Egyptian Fleet to Atlantic or move navy ships to med to sink Italian fleet

- New Tech

- Post Surrender Partisans for Spain/Russia

- Allies Attack Iraq/Ireland for MPPs

- Axis AI more likely to attack Vichy/Spain/Denmark at Expert level

- Axis Sea Lion if Axis spies radio in low level of land units in England and most of UK navy sighted in Mediterrean Ocean.

- Random Scenario Selector; System selects a random scenario starting with a "1939" text string.

- Random location for subs in North Atlantic

- FOW On for Human, OFF for AI Option

- Reclaim Tech Chits AI Routine (ie If Moscow or Rostov or Stalingrad falls Russia reclaims all tech chits to buy Corps/Army units)

- Option to give AI opponent 1 free tech chit every game year (1939/40/41) as AI seems to avoid investing in tech chits - AI Tech Bonus Option (on/off).

Who knows, Hubert said that 1.06 was the last upgrade and here comes 1.07.

[ June 21, 2003, 10:20 PM: Message edited by: Edwin P. ]

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