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AAR : Rambo Punk'd tour: Zappsweden (Axis) vs Rambo (Allies)


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yes, the bid went high again...I prefer playing the Axis, but not at that price.

Allies -

1) Sub hunt begins, he raided turn #1, but not turn #2, he's running to the North-North-Atlantic.

2) Poland getting hit, but at least he takes a couple of hits here & there. Maybe we can survive (Warsaw) on turn #3.

3) Denmark, the usual.

4) LC is history.

5) French dig & buy a HQ after selling a couple of ships on turn #2.

6) RAF moves fighter to London, Monty is drafted.

7) Irish get introduced to shore bombardment & 2-carriers.

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Turn 4:

Elbow hex was abandoned by Allied (why?). Axis take it and to strangle those nasty landing attacks UK can use there. First UK Battleship sunk outside LC.

Atlantic subs fight back but will soon sink.

Warsaw still holds but is now almost surrounded and will fall next turn.

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