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New meat sign in here

Les the Sarge 9-1

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Slapaho, welcome to the party!

This forum is focused exclusively on Strategic Command. If you want to learn the game start with the posting on strategy (you can find it at the top of the list). There is enough information there to help you understand the critical stuff:

- supply rules

- HQ command and control

- air units and interception

- Dutch Gambit

- war readiness

to name a few

, Play the AI a few times to practice and then play online. A good way to start is to join Curry's PBEM league, but TCIP is also an option...

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Ohoy Slapaho,

I'm itching, and have at least one more docket to play a PBEM if you are interested.

I play only 1939 Fall Weiss, with all options, except War in Siberia, and RANDOM Politics.

If you do to...and want Axis...just send me your Opening move! If you want allies, email me, and I'll get started with a little move. All in good fun of course. smile.gif


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