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Victory conditions?


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Hello fellow generals,

I'm playing this game nonstop; it's great fun! I still haven't played a game through to conclusion, though; I've got about 4 in progress. <grin> So here are my questions (and yes, I did a search on 'victory conditons' in this forum before posting):

1. The manual implies that the only way to win is total victory. Is there also some 'partial victory' option? Does the game end in late 1946 or something? I thought I read that somewhere, but I can't find anything like that in the manual. <rubs eyes> Of course, I've been staring at this screen so long, who knows what I missed...

2. If total victory is required, I guess that means invading the USA, as another thread implies. Right?

3. I read one thread suggesting that heavy investment in subs can make Axis subs quite effective in the North Atlantic. Anyone try this?

4. Once the USSR surrenders, its partisans seem to disappear -- unlike those in Yugoslavia. Is that right? Do I have to continue to garrison all those Soviet cities?

5. Anyone made successful use of rockets? I bought one detachment and was dismayed at their short range -- 2 hexes. (And drew immediate air attacks from the Allies.) I guess you've got to invest heavily in rockets to increase range. Does the range go up one hex per level, to a max of 7? Seven would be useful...


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