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AAR W-League, PL part II : Zappsweden (Axis) vs Dragonheart (Allies)


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Early stages.

LC fell on turn 2:

Poland surrendered on turn 4:

Axis Atlantic subs were sunk early but they managed to damage a UK BB.

Axis sent a sub towards Brussels and attacked UK bombarding BB.

Axis attacking Denmark.

Allies attacking Ireland.

Axis used the LC-Lite in LC and succeeded but currently axis are staying in LC killing some corps and avoiding the Elbow landing.

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Mid 1943?

Axis surrender after losing air superiority and losing air units. After many air battles, Axis could never escape its defensive interception role in the east. Russia had Jet lead early on, and they kept the pressure.

I knew already when Italy and Paris came so late (July 1940) that this game was going to be tough. Russia offensive stalled and I had only Jet L1 and Long L1 when Barbarossa begun. That enabled Russia to halt the offensive and entrench. Italy came in ver late with some Jet tech to help out but it was too late. Next game I will invest Italian Jet research. I made 2 minor mistakes. I gave Portugal and Greece to Italy. That cash was to no use for a while when Germany struggles for air superiority and Italy was behind too much in Jets to help out.

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This was really a tough game but at a certian point not very amazing as we fought 7 hours air-battles only.

German had jetadvantage early and used this to hammer us+gb air in the west.

IMO Zapp played to defensive in the east he completely ignored to attack me in the north and in the south there is hardly a chance for a breaktrough because of natural defence lines.

I never had the feeling he wants to win the game in russia like i usally do.

Most of his airposwer was in the west if he would have used it in the east he would probably won.

I got Finland easily but he declined any further advance to sweden for me...therefore i swifted my air back into the south of russia and used my airsuperiority to my advatage causes him losses and kept him busy.

In the west a was unable to do a decent landing GB and US were dead due to his AA and jet advantage. By the way i did not research AA tech with GB this time!!!...but i did with Russia...where i got lvl3 in the late stages of the game.

In a short timeframe i was 3 lvl behing in jettech in the west therefore i saved money and kept all my air below 4 strenghpoints....another reason was that zapp killed monty and hat lvl 3 LR which i nevered had with all my allies.

To give Italy all the plunder was really a huge mistake because italy is only good for ground- and seawar. Germany needs all the cash as it has to fight so many battles. Another mistake is to divide his air. The air should be there where you wanna attack and kill your opponent... and with AT lvl 3 this should be the east. To cause only losses in the west is not enough to win the game.

This was the first time that one of us won with the allied side ag axis....it was a very close game and IMO Jetadvantage did not play a main role in this game...you just missed the chance to fight it out when the time was good for you...and you can´t claim that you had no luck with tech.

Looking forward to our next game. ;)

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