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Please vote [Request Ladder rule change] Axis DOW USA rule, v.1.07

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Current rule is:

Axis DOW USA rule:

Axis may NOT declare war against the USA since a bug will then robb the USA of their cash handicap bonus. If Axis declares war against USA they have lost and Allies can claim the win. Why would Axis declare war against USA anyway?

v.1.07 states:

- fixed MPP bug for Usa and Italy when they are declared war upon, previous bidding would be overwritten

Since v.1.07 doesn't screw-up the USA bonus, can Axis DOW against USA?

I vote to change the rule for games w/ 1.07,


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I'm going to vote against making this change. I'm more interested in the history side and less into the 'pure' gameing side of this and other issuses.

As a game this ranks very high with may options and paths that each side can follow, though one or two are clearly the best. And seams to be very balanced with the side that makes the smallest mistakes wins (or the side that understands the huge number of unwriten rules/quricks).

To be honest I think we should have more 'house' rules to bring the game more in line with history. Can a really experenced Axis player be defeated without some luck in the Tech side of the game or an odd ball mistake because of some unwritten rule?

Suggested house rules to bring the game in line with history:

1) No LC gambit until the start of the 5th turn.

2) No invasion of USA or Canada unless England is Taken

3) Seaborn invasions can only be conductd by corps - Armor and Armys must land in a port - HQs can land in a port OR on a friendly hex.

4) USA starts with 5 chits in Tech but all must be invested in IT and can't be removed untill you rach L5. Other chits can be purchased and used normally.

5) Spain can't be invaded by Allies unless they hold Portugal - Spain can't be invaded by Axis unless the hold Malta and have conducted sub operation in the Alantic for 3 turns costing UK 40 MPPs each time

6) If any of 5 key citys are empty you must advance into them. Moscow, London, Berlin, Rome, Smolenski.

This list is just my thoughts and looks more at the Polictical and Econmic side. Others might want to add units or start countrys (Iraq, Irland) as allies.

Note: This is just to bring the game closer to histrory, its well balanced now and enjoyable to play as is. The problem is the lack of unperdicablinty now that many of the rules are known and there is little 'surprise' factor (aka - FF units, Sibrian Transfer, location of Operation Overlord, ect...)

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Iron Ranger

I'm confused why you wouldn't want to remove the current rule. It was put in place because of a bug. That bug is gone in 1.07. So if Axis wants to invade USA, let them.

Regarding House Rules

I agree with the concept that House Rules can be used to make the game more historical. But they should be optional, not mandatory. Before people play a game, let them agree on the House Rules they want to follow.

Even going as far as "standardizing" the House Rules, so that only the one's that are "accepted" can be considered when you play a Ladder game is not a bad idea.

But it should still be an option, not something that you have to follow.

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If you read the first line I talked about my prefreance for the 'historical' war. In the pure game sence the rule should be removed. In the historcal sence the axis would never had the shiping to invade the US unless England had fallen or joined them. Also the game is very Nerfed on the strenght of the US forces, they had the 1st to 3rd largest navy in 1941 but one of the smallest armys. In the game they have the weakest navy (even Russia start with more ships) and a good sized army. Its just not real that geramny could lanch an invasion force and the US not know about it before hand - the surprise landing in this game should wipe the US out in 2-3 turn if you really put your froces to it.

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