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Weirdness in the holy land?


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I have found that after France falls, the territory of Palestine (capital: Beirut) will sometimes become "Allied" and sometimes "Neutral".

When it becomes allied, I am able to invade it normally as the Axis. However, when it goes neutral, it does not seem to show up on the War Map as a country.

The effect of this is that the Axis can't declare war on it, and can't advance into the region either. This is an annoying obstacle for pursuing an Iraq attack.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something? I am running 1.02.

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Originally posted by Straha:

This somehow did not catch my attention yet, but this territory should be Lebanon, then (if it is at all separately treated from Syria). Palestine hexes OTOH should belong to Transjordan, and therefore to the UK.


Don't you have the game yet, Straha?

The Levant and Syria are lumped together under French control, while Transjordan is considered part of British controlled Egypt.

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