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problem with mission editor


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I am making a custom campain in 1939 to try to allow sub warfare to be more viable. Basically I decreased all navel units by 2/3(with the exception of Germany) and called each remaining navel unit a fleet rather than an individual ship. My problem is that both Russia and USA start out on the Allied side rather than being neutral. In case people are wondering

England has 2 battleship units(named R.N. Fleet 1,2), and 1 carrier unit(named R.N. Fleet 3) near its mainland. It has one battleship unit near Egypt named R.N fleet 4, Gibralter has a half strenth cruiser named R.N. fleet #5. France has 2 battleship units for its fleet Italy has 2 units in its fleet 1 battleship and 1 cruiser. USA has 1 Battleship in its fleet. Germany has the following: a battleship in port at strenth 5( 1st fleet)and a battleship in port at strenth 2.(2nd fleet) Two full strenth submarines are at sea.

This setup allows a more viable subwar but I have the major problem/bug of having USSR/USA at the allied side duirng the start of the campain. Any suggestions help.

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