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Kurt88 or E-tu Kurtae-LXXXVIII !!


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"Well JJ, maybe YOU should do an AAR with somebody, like me !! You talk way too much, drink way to much beer so come on dude, put your money where your mouth is, let's go !!"


Now if that doesn't cut right to the bone, being called a beer drinker by one who knows I'm mainly a cognac/brandy man! I've still two of your great Belgian brews in my fridge, chilling to a profound intensity -- the first two were fantastic! ;)

About the AAR -- I may never have mentioned this before but I'm one of the worst SC players who have ever lived, I keep looking for my bishops and rooks and become profoundly confused when I can't answer 1 e4 with Alekhine's Defense.

And you, my friend, appear to know exactly what you're doing in this hodgepodge from Hubert Cater's worst nightmares.

-- BTW -- Whatever happened to that guy who came on here with grandiose boasts about his triumphs against the AI?

Ahem, okay, consider the gauntlet thrown and JerseyJohn fleeing in great haste!

Okay, let's play ... You top guns always need to shoot down an innocent to feed your killer egos -- I'll roll the old biplane out of the garage.


Alright, so what will you give me by way of a handicap -- 3,000,000 MPPs?

Better yet, I'll prepare one of my home brewed scenarios, let me know which side you want and I'll fix things good for you! :D

Sorry for dodging you all this time, I've been dodging a lot of fast draws, truth is, I'm just plain chicken!


[ April 10, 2004, 02:06 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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- I told you this JJ fellow wasn't stable the last time they released him!

See how he goes on and on and on when a guy asks him a question?

Should we call his wife?

Better yet, let's give him a sedative shot,give him his handpuppets and tell him he has won the game :D

I'll ask again in a couple of months, hell, we might even be paying SC2 then. ;)

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:D:D:D:D Glad I stayed awake for that one! And now, it being 3:20 in the a.m. out here in Mafialand, it's off to bed -- ah, a little medication first -- is it the blue-pink-purple-yellow-and-striped-orange ones before bed or the --? Aw hell, may as well just pop them all, again. :D
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