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SC PBEM league now with over 1000


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On the SC PBEM site it says that we have now gone over 1000 matches played.

Now, first off. I think they (the case league which hosts the site) counts a match double. That is one game played equals two matches, for two players playing. Why? - who knows why they do it that way. Also the numbers wont come out if you add up the games played because some players of course have dropped out over time.

But its still a great number of games since we only started just over a year ago.

I think if Mr. H. C. can put some safeguards in the PBEM system for SC II we will really see PBEM take off for SC. Lets all hope.

ps - if you are new look at the top of the forum and join the PBEM league where you will find a good number of human players to play a game of SC with.

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