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Increasing the strategic options


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Hi all, great game Hubert, excellent application of KISS principles. I know its early, but I would like to get the forum to think about viable enhancements. Now let's go easy on Hubert he deserves a break. For SC longevity we want to keep the "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master" environment that Hubert so eloquently set up. To increase the strategic option variables will add to the complexity without detering the playability. Rockets in a more traditional artillery role for the first few upgrades, AA radar for units as well as resources, GunLay Radar to enhance the artillery role of land units/rockets are just a few that could be easily incorporated into the game mechanics. What do we do about this Hvy Bomber thing? OK paras are a bit of a stretch but maybe. I'll be back after playing both sides at Expert +2

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