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Has anyone here played Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord??

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YES I´M SERIOUS! The AI can be a good chanllenge in well designed scenarios, specially in defense.

When the scenarios are very large or with very big forces the AI is not very good in the atack, strat AI is very hard to code (in any game). But as I said all depend on the scenario.

However you can play against humans by PBEM or TCP/IP (in realtime).

CM has been a revolution in the wargaming market (serisly) and just wait for CMBB (the incoming title that will come in Septemeber) or for future releases (CMII, the engine rewrite).

You can get CMBO and make it much better (talking about graphics) with a bunch of graphic mods (visit CM HQ)

Seriusly it a "must have" in a wargamer "library" :D

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I would caution you to download the demo first, to get a feel for it. While 90% of wargamers love it, some still have trouble with a title that is neither RTS nor hex-based. The WEGO interface is unique, and may take a little while to get used to.

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I totally agree that you should get it.

Take some time to really learn about the options that can be turned on to help you find units, and tell where they are going.

Once you have these few options figured out, it become very easy to plot moves and targets.

It's truely the most enjoyable tactical game I've ever played.

Heck, I'll sit and watch a turn over and over from different views because there's so much to see.

But beware... if you like RTS games, you may not ever go back to them... you miss too much.


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