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Rambo this Rambo that .....


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Who has beaten Rambo and how?

I have heard a lot of praise and read some threads about his AXIS wins but how exactly is he doing this?

How was he Defeated?

What was the strategy used to Defeat Rambos AXIS Strategy?

I'm in the middle of a game with ZappSweden and he says he's beaten Rambo, well how Zapp did you do this?

Since Rambo understands the mechanics of the game better than most of us its not like the rest of us are stupid though or lazy, most of us have lives and can not spend all day running scenarios on how to do this and defend for that! What I'm asking is will somebody lay down there AXIS strategy using v1.06 on how to play a competive game without wasting anybodys time playing either AXIS or ALLIES!

I would like to hear from the likes of JJ...Brian...Rambo...Jollyguy..and of course anybody who would like to jump in !

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Jumping in 82nd, honored you've invited me, but I'm not the player you guys are. I hope this forum gets where it's going without offending our more serious minded friends -- and I do consider them friends, it isn't meant sarcastically -- and without Moon or Madmatt locking it up. As long as it doesn't get rowdy I believe you're asking a valid question and it is definitely game related.

So let's not give the moderators a headache, they're pretty fair except for objecting to my three headed flying dragon pic, and even then Moon was courteus in requesting me not to use it, so I think we can get through this wihout a padlock.

Eager to read some good postings. smile.gif

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82nd --- Zappsweden & I have played 2-games; they were beta-testing runs on 1.06. The new rule of Allied of DOW caught me off guard, no doubt about it.

Here are my opinions of the players you invited to this post:

Ranked in order too:

1) ZappSweden --- This guy is smart. He has his own strategy in mind, yet makes adjustments per his opponent. Takes care of his units, doesn't over-react. Very patient. Willing to go the distance to win. He's tough, Captain Team-Sweden. He doesn't fall for "BS" moves. I can tell by his Forum posts that he understands very important concepts. Do I kill 1-unit or damage-3? This type of thought & strategy is "Bread & Butter" smart thinking; not getting caught up in the over-rated strategies the weak players discuss but can't execute. We need to play more. Current grade: A

2) JollyGuy --- He's the Master of economics; the best in the business at counting the dollars. Our games have gone into '43; & could easily go the distance but we don't have 18-hours to play. Tactically he preserves the good British pieces (air & carriers) for the long-run. He's very conservative as an Allied player which is good in my opinion. If you play Jolly, he will make the Axis earn it. The dude loves Egypt & Iraq. Current grade: A- (just needs time to play, don't we all?)

3) BrianTheWise --- Too emotional. Gets caught up in the heat-of-the-moment. He gambles too much. His Axis play is questionable. Needs to look at the game at the whole, rather than trying to beat me by March '41. Current grade: B.

JerseyJohn --- Haven't played him. He is the most interesting guy on the Forum. He runs his politics, war-history, & mixes in great humor. Hey, forget about that "Dragon Post Incident". You're clean. Camp-Jersey is a SC-Icon.

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Smiles at Rambo:

The game where I played as Axis against you, and you did the dutch gambit, was not concluded. I was making progress, and the Allied war readiness was in the neg. But when I was playing you in that game, I thought you were Waltero, who wouldn't play like you. I still think I could beat you on that one.

You said adjust to the game, and the moves and countermoves (or some such). One also has to adjust to the players.

I've shown you some things. And I know this. I think my best ability is to effectively react to the opponents moves. Even when things get scrambled up, and my intended strategy is not going as I wished.

I agree with many of the tactics that you have suggested, but disagree with how it relates to the strategy. Against an obviously agressive Axis player like you ("I will always win!", quote un quote), using my carriers to assist in forestalling you in France is, I think, a fair gamble.

The carriers are useful in the beginning, useless in the middle (unless SeaLion), to a large extent, and then extremely helpful during the counter attack by the allies. But if I don't get to that point, the carriers were like a poorly invested 401k.

In all games I have played you (excepting Waltero's game), I have been an attack dog allied player. I felt I had good strategy, and tactics. But I do know one thing. By the third game you were playing the player, and I was predictable.

From my perspective, that drops me the grade, not that I am emotional (but I just want to scream....kidding). Just a good strategy, over used.

My thoughts.

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Thanks for the good word and the feeling is mutual.

A few days ago, when we were screwing around and I ended up adding Rambo style remarks to my postings, I discovered something odd: imitating you is more fun than being me! smile.gif

[ January 01, 2003, 01:56 AM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Comrade Trapp --- We only played one-game; I can't really remember. My records show you played the Axis. I think you got bogged down in France. Just can't recall the details. I have played the other guys multiple games. I played the mystery man "wod" just thru the fall of France. He played the Allied-Low-Countries-Gambit well. It took me to July '40 (I think) to dig him out of Paris. We quit after that. I think he just wanted a sample. Grade: To Be Determined.

BrianTheWise --- You're right about knowing your opponent. There's only so much you can do in this game. Once your opponent learns your style, adjustments can be made. Playing better players will teach you alot. Playing weaker players makes you get lazy.

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Rambo! Again I smile! And disagree

Playing weaker players gives you time to explore the unreasonable; the bold, since you know you have nothing to lose. Playing a weaker player, means you have the opportunity to make the mistakes, be bold, and still pick up the pieces if it goes sideways.

Against you (whether you are cheating or not, as posts have implied, although I have not seen this in the games I have played with you) I have been bold, crazy, forceful, new (oh, and emotional!, so to speak). That's why it's been fun.

I'm still mad that you falsettoed as Waltero. Issues, now finished.

I must conclude abrubtly here. It's new years.

Be well, new start. Sorry if the post strayed (i kept getting a countdown).

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