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Suggestion: SC World Champion Rating

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The TR System:

Simple 50-200 measure that combines the SC World Ranking with a win loss percentage quantifier.

Ranking component (RC):

Rank 1: +100

Rank 2: +90

Rank 3: +80

Rank 4: +70

Rank 5: +60

Rank 6 - infinity: +50

Win Percentage component (WPC):

[(Wins+1/2*Draws)/(Wins+Losses+Draws) * 100]

Total Rating (TR): RC+WPC

As you see, this rating system keeps the competitive aspects of the Ranking (one cannot beat up on lesser players to significantly improve TR), but allows an EASY to measure rating of a player's relative skill.

It may also give the top 10 players reason to battle one another instead of waiting for Terif. (-;

A few examples:

Current Standings

Generals Hq (ladder champion)

1. Terif : Won 120, Lost 0, Draw 0.

TR=200 (RC=100, WPC=100)

Officers Lounge (Challengers)

2. Codename Condor : Won 26, Lost 23, Draw 2. No games this month

TR=143 (RC=90, WPC=.53*100=53)

3. jon_j_rambo : Won 33, Lost 25, Draw 0.


4. Sand Castle : Won 6, Lost 9, Draw 1. No games this month


5. Iron Ranger : Won 14, Lost 12, Draw 1.


Cadets bootcamp (rest of players)

6. Comrade Trapp : Won 0, Lost 7, Draw 0. No games this month


7. Cro_panzer : Won 2, Lost 9, Draw 0. No games this month


8. ArmenianBoy : Won 8, Lost 1, Draw 0. No games this month





An "average player" will have a TR @ 100.

I'm sure the spread sheet can handle this. Comments? Bad idea? Good idea?


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This seems a good mechanism. You have my vote.

Another thing, how do i make people clear to report games that they commit. By that, i mean games that are just starting. Have made a "topic" of it, noted different people but noone seems to bother :rolleyes:

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It is a good idea to give players a place to find their opponents again if there are problems. But I think its too much effort to write every game in this extra thread. If every game is reported, then there is a flood of replies and its difficult to find the right ones. I fear its getting a bit chaotic then.

Usually 95 % or more of the games are finished without problems and then there should be nothing written in. If someone cant find an opponent, then he should post in your thread. In this case it is very useful and everyone that cant find his opponent should make a complaint there and/or read this thread. Then after a certain time period the one that complained can claim victory, if the other player doesnt answer.

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Terif has the right of it. Current method works for a major majority of the people. What you are asking is in effect creating "red tape". Extra paperwork, etc. The people who don't have a problem gain nothing from doing it. So they don't.

For the one's that it becomes a problem for, they can use your topic or create a new one, copy the relevant postings in the oppononent forum, copy e-mails, whatever else they feel is necessary to present thier case.

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