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more fun while u r waiting


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Having played every possible angle on the demo over the past 3 weeks, and still no clue on it's release year, I turned to tweaking the demo a bit. Found that using some lame, illegal tool designed to steal other people's hard work totally screwed Hubert out of his rights! Try conquering the world in 12 months with the full game instead of stealing it like I did! Anyone know exactly what the rocket batteries are good for? I don't because I don't own the game and have instead chosen to steal it. This game rox. It maybe only a facelift of COS, but I luv it! Hubert u r a god! Any thoughts on getting with matrix games and doing an upgrade to WIR...boy that would be the greatest game ever made. BTW the lame theft tool I used isn't all that good.

Waiting waitin waiting.

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If you had an OUNCE of respect for Hubert, us, or even yourself you would not have stolen what does not belong to you. Do you have ANY idea how angry this makes us? And then you have the gaul to come around here, HERE of all places, blabbing about how you did it so that others could do this as well.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


P.S. I have edited the above post to more accurately reflect reality and so you can get a taste of what it feels like to have someone mess with your intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, that is about the best I can do to even the score.

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