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CVM AAR:Part 2: the Shadow Descends.

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Part 2: The Shadow Descends

In a large estate outside London, Winston Churchill receives a phone call, his wife, Clementine, answers:

”Yes, Just a moment, Winston, its for you!”

”I have it my dear.” He replied. “Yes……….. Most certainly. I'll be there immediately.”

The Winston left for London. That evening he arrived at Naval headquarters he passes by a teenage naval ensign at the secretary desk.

”Sir, congratulations on your promotion sir, I’ve send a communiqué to the fleet.”

What did that communiqué say?” Replied Churchill.

”Winnie is back sir.”

Winnie is back,” he took a puff from his cigar, weighing his words, “And so he bloody well is!”


The Royal Navy had a new First lord of the Admiralty.

November 12th: France and England begin to build up in France, calling up more young men to bolster the allied cause. All is quiet on the Western Front.

November 30th, Finland: Germany’s ally Russia declares war upon the small Baltic Republic of Finland, the Russians advance rapidly on the Karelian Isthmus. Finnish blocking groups soon stop them. Then the Finns withdraw behind their Mannerheim line, they prepare for the Soviet onslaught.

The British pick up radio signals indicating a large German attack, they don’t know where it will come, will it be Holland? Belgium? Denmark? Norway? Or will they strike south to Yugoslavia? The British rush the deployment of the BEF to Flanders. They also raise a new corps, the 20th, in Manchester. Italy is also beginning to show its intentions to join the Axis cause. France must now also look at its southern border. Things are happening too fast.

December: Finland:


The Finns have held the Russians back for a month now, the Stavka expected it to be over in 8 days, Finland begins its counter-offensive, pushing the Russians back on the Lake Lodoga front.

Then it happens. On January 7th, 1940, Germany declares war on Denmark. The attack it even more fierce than in Poland, Luftflottes 1, 2, and 4 all attack Copenhagen, meanwhile, VII corps begins its advance on the capital.


By January 10th it is all over, Denmark never stood a chance. The world is shocked a day later, Germany declares war on Norway! The land troops to the east and west of Oslo. The Norwegians fight bravely and by January 12th are down to their last few men in the capital.

February 12th, In Finland, The Soviets begin their largest offensive in Finland. Losses are atrocious, bodies litter the frozen wastelands of Karelia, yet the Finns are pushed to the edge, they begin to sue for peace, but until then, they must fight.

The British respond to the Norwegian invasion quickly, they send the newly created XX corps to Bergen, here British troops will face their German counter parts for the first time. Until then, they dig in.

March 3rd, the Germans take Oslo, the Norwegians soon surrender, however the British will remain in Bergen, he they shall stand. In Finland, time runs out, a ceasefire is signed, the Finns must give up the Karelian Isthmus and Petsamo, one Russian General states, “We have just acquired enough land to bury our dead.”


Germany, and the world recognize the Russian disaster; Hitler begins to put plans into action for its invasion, but for now it must deal with France. The royal navy has a few skirmishes in the Western approaches with the U-boats. Suddenly all traffic on the border between France and Germany stops, April turns into May, and the new season will bring renewed drive to the German offensive.

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Carl- Tried the elite mod and one of unit sprite mods( very cool). It seemed to be working fine but when I try to load the saved game it crashes to desk top.Anybody else have a problem like this? Thought you might know what to do ( or what I did wrong). Thanks...

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