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Play Balance...again


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We are playing some new house rules to try and limit the Axis. The following 2 rules are being used.

1. You may not operate air unless it is adjacent to a port and only from the northern ports to Scandanavia and back and in the south from the med to North Africa and back.

2. Research is limited to 1 pt. per category until 1942 and then goes to a max of 2 per category and up one after that per year.

The rationale for the 1st is to prevent an HQ and 4 air being able to instantly destroy any Allied invasions from Norway through Spain or Italy.

The 2nd is again to slow the German's ability to overpower all others through tech advances.

Summary: I have yet to see a strong Axis player lose a game other than to total fluke tech my an Allied player, this helps to allow for a valid 2nd front or slows Germany heavily in Russia.


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listen d@#k smack. For a guy who admits to playing Axis 95% of the time go take a flying f$%k. Try playing the Allies and win consistently Captain of Team "Nambler"

Its about time someone called you for what you are. I understand from another player on the board who has played you that your turns often come back with different names and that some of the moves look very strange. Strange in the term that it appears the game has been opened more than a few times if you get my drift.

And while you are on your sister...

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