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Just incredible

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It aaaaaaaaaaaalways amazes me.

I just can't get over it.

Nothing makes me laugh harder.

August is next week.

How sooooo many people can be begging for an extended demo, an option that is clearly not in the companies favour commercially either, because shipping time is soooooo far away.

Aaaaaaaaaaalways amazes me.

Am I the only one that hasn't pre ordered (as if pre ordering will make it get her faster).

I have played the game ONCE, just once.

I was sold, I decided yes I want this game. I have seen nothing in the forum to make me feel like I made a wrong choice here either.

And here I sit thinking I am the only one not contriving a way to cajole the designers into making the game play longer.

Of course it ain't going to happen people. Not if Battlefront has any brains at all.

I would not expect them to extend the demo AFTER the game has been on the market, let alone before.

It's a product they wish to sell eh.

Making a lengthy demo is the same as making the game a viable freebie.

And that as a notion is idiotic.

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Guest Panzer Boxb
Originally posted by J Wagner:

To think, next week the game should ship and The Lord of the Rings comes out on DVD. A good week to stay out of the heat! smile.gif

*cough cough* I feel that "New Release Summer Cold" starting to build momentum. Nasty business it is. ;)
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Originally posted by J Wagner:

At least the Tiger tanks in Kelly's Heroes look like Tigers and aren't US Pattons dressed in gray!

I don't know if they used the same T-34 chassis as were used in Saving Pte Ryan, but in both cases T-34s were used - the size is wrong (Tigers were monsters), but the overall look is very well done in both cases.

The give away is the tracks and suspension.

Sometime next week, I will be able to retire a 15 yr old VHS copy of Kellys Heroes with full honours and no negative waves...

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