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Separate PBEM Ryder Cup 2004


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As some of us would only want to play PBEM why don't we just orgainze it as two different tournaments, I don't see what the big fuss is and am disgusted with the remarks that have already been made.

General Rambo is the only one of the regular competitive players to realize there are some of us who like to play, but do it rarely and in a relaxed manner. I'm grateful to him for supporting us in the Main Event, but on the other side of the Atlantic it looks like a lost cause; it's already becoming clouded with condescending conditions. Spare me, I don't need it and neither does anyone else.

I honestly don't want to be treated as second rate and I'm sure my Europ PBEM counterparts feel the same way, so let's orgainize our own event.

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Great to have you Rannug!

I hope some other Americans feel like we do, if not we can always cut the National part and just organize some sort of tournament.

-- In fairness to Zapp and Kuni, they're IP players and want their own kind of tournament, we aren't begruding them that right, it's just the types of games don't really mix well in the same event.

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But Comrade, I think he meant, uh, oh wait, he's Swedish and I've been a big fan of their movies for decades so, who knows?! :D


That's the spirit!

Good to see someone else who doesn't mind being defeated all the time, it was getting lonely losing alone. :D

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Jersey, comparing PBEM and playing via network or TCIP is like comparing apples with oranges. But there are more of us (PBEM) out there I do believe.

For instance,

In the SC PBEM league there are

24 ranked players with at least 1 win and 71 unranked players for a total of 95 and a total of 281 win/losses recorded

In the world league there are

10 ranked players with at least 1 win and 12 unranked players for a total of 22 and a total of 212 win/losses recorded. (much more playing per person in the world league, these are SC gaming people for sure!)

TCIP players I'm not ripping you - Again, not trying to compare them. I think the TCIP crowd is the more competative, gung Ho crowd. Perhaps even the better players. But I think there are more of us PBEM players out there just in numbers who just enjoy the game for playing and not winning.

JJ - watch out for Runnug. He is as good as the Zapp, Kuni, and Rambo class players. Very very good player and a great guy too.

[ April 20, 2004, 09:41 PM: Message edited by: Curry ]

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I'll do the PBEM route if it works out better that way. Or both, but than that prob means two losses for Team USA :( .

John: If you get a chance, resend that last email you sent me (I know it was ages ago) I got a new PC and stupid me only copied over the adress book, not stuff I had been trying to make time to read ;)

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I'll be glad to -- I figured you were tied up with end of college affairs and didn't want to bother you with another. Will send it tonight.

Glad you're willing to play PBEM, it will be good to balance it out a bit, we've still got one European in the lurch. Either Rannug the Terror of the North or Wehrmacht, Germany's New Secret Weapon!

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Agree both about the apples and oranges and about our friend Rannug. Aside from being a great guy and a great player and quick to help his opponents with game problems, is also very modest and would probably deny that appraisal but I also think he's up there with the best of them.

Will be playing PBEM in this thing?

If you are then it could be something like this:

PBEM Division:

JJ v Archibald

Panzer v Rannug*

Curry v Wehrmacht*

*Or if you guys want to switch that would also be good, I'm just listing the names withouth any thought to paing: my own game with Archibald is set now.

Panzer and Rannug are both excellent players.

Wehrmacht is comparatively new but I'm sure he's pretty good -- yes, yes, I know you say you aren't but we know better than that! :D

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