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Team USA files for an official Investigation of IGZTER


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There needs to be a background check & investigation on Mr. Igzter. The facts are simple & I want answers. I represent the United States of America for the 2003 Ryder Cup. Please read my concerns.

Igzter --- You're a veteran & have a brand new login. You play multi-player & have never gone to the Opponent Finder of any language. You desire a "special" place to post like you are a gaming user-net poster, yet have only posted once upto this point in time...it just happens to be during the Ryder Cup? You claim to play TCP/IP & have no opinion about being placed in a PBEM game?

Who are you? Who have you played?

How did you meet people who play SC without EVER posting?

This is bull****. What is your former name? You'd better speak (type) the truth or there will be sanctions & possible DQ.

Being Captain,

Jon J. Rambo

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As there seems to be a bit of dispute going on in regards to my true identity I would like to respond.

True, my login is new - as I have the dubious habit of first getting to know a community before posting a lot of nonsense. Secondly I always have opponents in amongst my wargaming friends.

Let me introduce myself - I am 31 years old, live in the souther part of Sweden (Malmoe - just next to Copenhagen). I enjoy beer, wargaming and parties amongst other things. Due to the nature of my work (senior executive in a manufacturing company) I cherish the times I am availible to play wargames (therefor I thought the Ryder cup would be fun).

And as a final piece of evidence of me being "the real thing" you can check with ICQs abuse department the age of my account (7188055) - it was established in 1997 _or_ you can just give me your phonenumber and another europeans that you trust and I'll call you up on conference call.

I am however honoured by the attention from the americans *bows*

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Rambo, sorry for not answering some of your concerns in my previous post.

I did tell my opponent that I would rather do TCP/IP as I find PBEM a bit too slow and unexicing. I was not aware I was placed in the PBEM section of the cup. (ask my opponent, he can verify this).

I am no veteran Z-league player - but I have played the game quite extensivly with my close friends (which is also wargames). I don't quite understand your concerns regarding this (would you be so kind to elaborate?).

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Speaking on my own behalf, since we Wachtmeisters (cannon swabbing Seargents of Artillery) can hardly speak for Team USA, I extend a "welcome to the rider cup competition".

You seem to be what you say you are, although you may turn out to be Kuni's "Swedish Ringer" ;) .

Now that the polite preliminaries are out of the Way --- Go CvM!!

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