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How do you guys do ?


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I am playing axis 39' normal +0 difficulty.

Although i haven't finnish my 1st game yet. but i am very surprise about the way AI thinking.

this is the AAR of my 1st game

I destroy all but one poland army in the first 2 turn and sieged their capital. in turn 3 i manage to took warsaw and positioned 2 armies and hq in northeastern german harbour. (forgot the name). i also move 3 luftwafe divisions into the coast of northern europe. (preparing the invasion of sweden.)

I positioned german battleship next to Sweden capital and prepared the 1st wave of amphibious landing in Swedish coast. while the 2nd wave is being reinforce in the northeastern coast of germany. while the rest of the german army is being repositioned in the border of Belgium and denmark.

I declare war to both of sweden and denmark at the same time. Destroyed the denmark armies in 1 turn using 1 army and 3 airfleets. while the 2nd wave of invasion to sweden is approaching the coast. meanwhile my 1st wave of armies in sweden manage to destroy their airforce. therefore there was no threat to my 2nd wave of amphibious landing.

Meanwhile UK send all of their corps and hq to France. Allies send the canadian armies as well. at the first time, i though... WOW this is good. it will be very easy to beat up UK in France. and it will make Operation of sea lion very vissible and tempting smile.gif

Denmark surrendered on the incomming turn and i declared war to the belgium. without the luftwafe ( all 3 of the luftwaffe was in sweden), it was so dam* hard to take the belgium. France armies pouring in to the low countries. (france had a HQ at this time. while UK' hq and their corps marching to the southern border and almost manage to break my western wall from the south. it's because i only have 1 hq in the north west, and leave my southern wall without hq support. (my other hq was still in sweeden). The allies keep reinforcing their armies.

Some though here. if you occupied the norhern resources and leave it on the next turn, Sweeden AI will send one of their armies to retake the resources. it will make easier for me to Siege the capital and destroy the guard with some help from 3 luftwaffes division.

Sweeden surrender in the next comming turn. however, we don't have good news in the low country. meanwhile i ordered armies in sweeden to march to norway and send all luftwaffe back to western germany.

I manage to took oslo in the next turn and finnaly took belgium capital with the help of luffwafee.

However Things turn nastier to me. Sovyet declare war after Norwey and belgium surrendered. With france still have 99% of their force. and UK still keep sending their newly purchase corps to France. Sovyet move barely keep me from blizing to the Paris and launching operation sea lion. good job AI.

I hastily built eastern wall using money that i plundered from denmark, sweeden, norway and belgium. and send all but 1 armies from 1st and 2nd wave scandinavian invasion forces to the east.

I was thinking, how can i survive both front in late 40!!!. yes late 40. and with the UK forces comming in to France as well.

the war was on the stalemate for a year. i basicly cannot made any attack. and only reinforcing both of my eastern and western wall until i finally got a breakthrough in late 41. (i finnaly got lv 5 industrial tech) and managed to approach Paris. Itali declared war in late 41 surely help me in southern France.

France surrendered in dec 41. All but the UK HQ surrendered. it's seem ugly. yes, i think the UK HQ should surrendered as well while they was positioned in France when the France surrendered. At the same time, there was an allied pro coup in yugo and USA declared to Axis.

There was a little break for Axis as well. Finland declare war to the Allies this turn. however this turned out to be a liability for axis rather than an assets. Russian beat them very badly in the next couple turn. Finland really need an HQ. at least they beat up Russian in the reality.

I've deployed half of my western wall forces to yugo border. and left some of them to protect France from USA invasion. i've also sent all my luftwaffe to the east. (the lv5 jet finnaly give me a way to the heart of russia). Man VS Machine. Clearly, their lv 3 Anti tank was not match for my lv 5 jet.

i've also send some reinforcement to the poor finland(2 airfleet,2 armies and hq to finland from denmark).

Meanwhile i declared war to viscy and manage to finished off marsaile garnishon while the italian marching to algire. (off course i managed to transport 1 hq and 2 armies from italian mainland to northern africa and siege the algire harbour as well using all of italian navy.

Even with lv5 jet and lv 5 industrial, it still hard to push to moskwa. it's seems that germany is running out of body and HQ. while russian keep purchasing corps. (i destroyed 4, then 5 more comming in).

After vischy and Yugo surrendered, rommania, hungary and bulgaria join the axis. Russian marching her army to the weakly defended romanian border. luckly i've finish of yugo so the forces there can be used to fight the sovyet from the south west. (i gave vischy and yogo to the italian)

The AI surprise me again. USA landed in the very weak defended Norway rather in my heavyly fortified France. Hovewer they didn't sent HQ. If they do, the story will be different. their 4 armies unable to take Oslo and will be wiped out shortly after my reinforcement arrive in norwey from mainland.

it's in mid 42 now. my eastern wall finally sieged moskwa. My reinforcement from finland also got a breakthru and reach Ural while my forces from rommania racing to stalingard.

Meanwhile italian surprise Greece by making amphibious landing near athene and bombard their capital from the air and the sea. There was a little relief from UK carrier from suez. but it was not for long. italian cariier and sub managed to sent the UK carrier to the bottom of the sea

It;s now in late 42. Russian surrendered. and i haven't decided what to do the next step. and i have to stop playing and prepare for final exam in this comming days :(

the next step will be operation Sea lion. without threat from the east, and with germany superiority in technology, Britain and USA will not last for long. hehehe.....

AI really surprise me in my 1st game. They are doing really good job. Especially with the quick declaration from Sovyet, and the invasion on USA in norway.

I wish if i can have a little bit more hex in the north africa. It is so hard for italy to take suez. 1 more hex to the south really help. so i can sieged alexandria to the bone with my italian armies hehehe....

I've only experienced 1 partisan activity in yugo (norhtern montanious region). and twice in Russia (near former baltic states border with russia). When i guarded the specific region, none of the partisan appears again.

Good job Hubert. I've been dreaming of this kind of game for years.

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