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Suggestion for a stronger Axis AI

Edwin P.

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Though SC is a great game the Axis AI does not rack up the same production base that a human player does.

To compensate for this one could create a new level called Genius where the following events occur if the Axis is AI controlled:

1. After Denmark surrenders and if no allied ships are in the Danish Straits then Axis coup occurs in Norway. Norway surrenders to Germany, Germany gains plunder, two corps and one army in Norway.

2. If Norway has surrendered to Germany (Event 1) then there is a 75% that Sweden surrenders to Germany 5 turns later. Germany gains plunder and one corps in Swedish capital.

These two events would duplicate the standard Nordic Conquest that most players follow and give the Axis AI a boost in MPP from Production and Plunder without requiring a new AI routine for an invasion of Norway and Sweden and transporting the invading troops back to Germany for the coming war with Russia.

3. German Axis AI starts the game with 2 unused Tech chits at Genius level to duplicate Germany's strong investment in Weapons R&D.

This bonus compensate's for the Axis AI's tendency to waste MPPs thru excessive operation movement of units before the war with Russia begins.

4. In 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1946 Germany receives +1 Tech level in Industrial Production to reflect the historical, but late total mobilization of the German economy for war.

5. Turkey has a 1% per turn to join the Axis if Iraq surrendered to the Allies and Warsaw and Paris and Rome andBerlin is Axis controlled. This event compensates for a rather weak Axis AI in the Mediterrean and the tendency of human allied players to operate UK air units to Russia via a conquered Iraq.

Together these five relatively simple changes would make for a more interesting and tougher game vs the Axis AI at a new Genius level AI.

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