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Red Barricades/Stalingrad for CMBB


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This little dream of mine doesn't seem to ever die...I've worked up yet another idea for getting a workable way to play the 3 Red Barricades campaigns with CMBB and an external tool and am anxious to fool around with it to see if it works. But I'd need a copy of the map (I don't need it, but it would speed things along mightily if there was one around that I could start with).

Does anyone have/know of a battle (not an operation) that uses a pretty good representation of the entire Red Barricades map?

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Ok, found a very good RB map and started testing my idea. Guess what? It _is_ possible to play a full RB campaign game using CMBB and a very small set of paper rules.

Bad news is that it does require carrying a scenario file forward (copying the last one played to a new name and reconfiguring it a bit) and some manual collection of casualties after each battle - so you have to be quite familiar with the sceanrio editor to do it.

Good news is, it's pretty simple to do and once I'm even more convinced its a good idea I'll be able to write a little Java app to automate lots of it and get rid of the paper rules. It's also a total blast. I'm on day 3 of CG 1 - Into The Factory and its the most fun I've ever had with CMBB. It's better than an operation on the same subject because _you_ get to decide what forces to call up when and how quick you need them on the front - not the operation designer. I never got into operations for that one reason.

I'm testing this against the AI, but if anyone feels like like helping me test in person, drop me a line at peterk@look.ca. Familarity with RB and a machine that can handle huge maps is pretty much a necessity.

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Hi Brent,

I am indeed using the excellent map from the Last Bid scenario...and what a godsend it was to stumble onto it.

I've been playing since Saturday, and the system works like a charm. I'm currently on day 5 - the Russians just sneak attacked me at night in the fog on a day which I wanted idle and caused major damage - an entire company of Crack troops down the tubes, and I gave up a foothold in one of the factories I was about to use as a springboard. ARGH! Got an idle day right afterward and the weather was perfect for Stukas. ARGH!

Even if you don't have time to play, drop me a line anyways and I can send you my frst draft of the rules.

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