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Italy building Subs in French Ports?


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Playing too many games, so in one game for something new I have an Italian corps take Paris.

Sure, not the wisest thing to do but its just for the fun of it.

I come up with this great plan, Germans will take everything else so they will have enough MPP. The Italians will have the right to defend France and control the Atlantic.

I invest in Subs for Italy since they get the catch up bonus anyway and get lucky and get level 2 subs rather quickly, ready now to build a fleet of these super subs in the Atlantic French ports. Just like when Germany takes France and you can build a German sub in those two French ports.

Whopppssss. No can do. Italy still cant build those subs in the Atlantic even if they have taken France. They still have to build those Subs in the Med and send them all the way around into the Atlantic.

So much for the best laid plans...

Question is Why can't Italy build in those ports like the Germans can if they take France?

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Hi Curry

What happened to Vichy in your game?

I bet, Germany got it and thus a direct hex connection from Rom to the French ports was never established.

To built units in cities or ports the respective country needs a direct hex connection from that particular hex to its own capital.

Yet it occurred once in a game I played that Russia was able to build a unit in Hamburg although a direct hex connection to Moskau did not exist.

SC can be strange sometimes ...


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