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Hubert...Any News About SC2?

J P Wagner

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Will there be one more rules modification/unit adjustment/balancing patch 1.7 incorporating suggested ideas from these boards.

Thanks for the great game. Started a savings account for the purchase of your next game.


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Hubert. [copied from a different Forum (Feedback) ...]

There are tons of topics being discussed and none of them are getting anywhere due to a lack of feedback. We'd like to know if we're on the right or wrong track with these ideas.

A little information about SC 2 and how different Forums either do or don't fit in with it would be in order. Instead of basing ideas on reliable information we're basing them on rumors and speculation. Nobody's asking for a blueprint, only your opinions of what is or is not feasable.

If reading these wild ideas is frustrating for you, it's ten times more frustrating for those of us who enjoy the game you created and would like to suggest improvements.

Some sense of direction would really help and would make posting ideas a lot more enjoyable and productive.

If you don't want any suggestions that's also acceptable, except it would be good if we knew that so we would feel free to do more constructive things instead of engaging in dead end monologues.

We all appreciate the fact that you've provided feedback in the past. But it's especially needed at this point with so many new ideas floating around.

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