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good comment about game


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sorry all for the caps did not know caps are not allowed on this forum, sorry for the swearing thought no one will read my post hehe, madcat you are right im not american but my english is not bad for a foreigner.

i will list all the things i liked about the game here

1. best ww2 strategic game money can buy right now on the market. my expection was to much for any developer i expected to much sorry. battlefront rules.

2. only coast 24$ cheap

3. ai is not bad if you let it cheat

4. no micromanagment unlike civilization 1,2,3

age of empire 2 warcraft 3 or many many stretegy games

5. the service is nice

6. people on the battlefront forum are nice:)

7. the war in russia is addictive if you are expert i guess

please feel free to make any comment about me:)

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whoa, that was um. different...........

who threatend you at gun point?

J/k, boy u come off as more friendly w/o the caps

Carl Von Mannerheim

$$NO, there is nothing different about me i just forgets to add nice comment on my last post!$$

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